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Applying for Degree in Drama and Performing Arts

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Personal Statement Caspar Price-Hafslund Applying for Degree in Drama and Performing Arts I am currently studying BTEC Performing Arts (Acting), AS level Psychology and AS level French at The BRIT School in Croydon, South London. Ever since my first drama lesson in year 1 Drama's been my favourite subject, being able to be someone other than yourself is what I think I really enjoy. I like that in drama you can be anywhere or nowhere, near or far, open or closed and hot or cold all at the same time. The Performing Arts give me an instant passion to complete the task, and do it better than anyone before or after. ...read more.


At secondary school I was also involved in every school performance, getting a major part in all but one. I have also sang twice a solo in front of 1500 people at my schools yearly concert where a got an article written about me in my local newspaper. When I was 12 in only 6 months at a local choir I had gained a bronze medal from the Royal School of Church music, a feat that normally takes 3 years. I am still very interested in singing, I can play the drums and I am a competent pianist. My free time is mostly spent either working or taking part in a myriad of extra-curricular activities. ...read more.


From secondary school I also retain a basic knowledge of German, Greek and Chinese. I love learning new languages and I'm currently taking courses in Finnish and Italian, which both seem to be going very well. I hope a degree in Drama and the Performing Arts will help me better understand the discipline and hopefully lead to a career in theatre and film-making. Being famous would, of course, be nice but that's not what I want. I want to be able to make people feel emotions that no other actor has ever made them. I want to be able to touch anyone and everyone with my work, through that making a difference to the world around us. Get A Job - Personal Statement Caspar Price-Hafslund Get A Job - Personal Statement Caspar Price-Hafslund English MYPD Page 1 English MYPD Page 1 ...read more.

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