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Communication in todays society

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Communication Communication is the lifeblood of today's society. It is vital to the well-being of our life and our projects, whatever those may be. We life in an information age. Most of our time is spent communicating - reading, writing, talking, listening. It's a vital part of almost every job. All students use it. All companies and organizations demand it. All relationships demand on it. Many people still take communications for granted, thinking, "I know how to talk and write. I learned that in grade school," or "It's not really important in my job." Do not make that mistake. We use it, and need it, much more than we think. In today's business environment, communication is crucial in the following areas: Sales and marketing ? Promotion and advertising. ? Reception, information requests, prospect follow-up. ? Price negotiation. ? Customer presentations, sales, follow-up/feedback. ? Consumer/market research. Service ? Support and service for all products sold. Management ? Internal communication of vision/mission and passion. ? Team-building. ? Interdepartmental cooperation. ? Setting and negotiation of budgets and contracts. ? Employee/management relations. External relations ? Public and government relations. ...read more.


Today's leaders don't use command-and-control. Instead, they leverage their communication, collaboration, and conflict-resolution skills to inspire employees to ever higher levels of performance. In most social interactions and economic activities, an ideal and recognized leader invariably emerges as the most competent communicator. It helps them find their leadership voice and communicate their ideas assertively. It is a critical skill to develop in order to achieve new possibilities in their work. What is leadership? Leadership is process of influencing a group toward the achievement of goals, it is a balancing act, It requires communicating a compelling vision, convincing others to buy into that vision, and marshaling resources and talent to make it happen. Leadership is about growth. It is about moving from where we want to be. Moving through and beyond our fears. Becoming more fulfilled and helping others. None of this will happen if we do not share our ideas and feelings with others. People will not know our vision. They will not be able to feel our passion. No one will learn from you. No one can follow you. What's more, you will not grow. Many speakers and teachers, for example, find that when they are communicating, they learn more than their students do. ...read more.


People can add objects or viruses to the website, which could ruin the communities, trust for the business. Telling the world all about the business and how it runs. Websites External They are easily accessible, they reduce paper work. They can be changed easily. Advertisements. Intranet Internal Only people in the system can see it so it is secure. They can be easily changed. Information for all the people that go on the intranet. Conferences Internal People within the group are the only people that are involved in the discussion. Takes time to organise. People can tell people outside the meeting causing the business to have difficulties if things go wrong. Telling people non - important information. Videos External Very informative, accessible at all times. Easily destroyed. Can get recorded over. Showing groups of people large amounts of information Fax External Telephone (including mobiles) External Electronic data interchange External News Letters External Video conference Internal Internal Internal Web-Cast Internal Press release External Conclusion In summary, the very human advancement or reversal can be understood through communication. Effective leaders should recognize the importance of good communication. Leadership communication is a strategic necessity. People are the heart and soul of any business, in order for your business to truly succeed. It's vital that you communicate them effectively. ...read more.

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