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How effectively and efficiently a group or an individual would perform the task provided

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Essay 'Individuals will complete a task more efficiently and effectively than a group. And training in group dynamics, whilst interesting, has no practical value as a means of increasing the standard of group performance' (Mullins, 2007, p. 296) This essay is based on the issue of how effectively and efficiently a group or an individual would perform the task provided. The efficiency and effectiveness of the task totally depends upon the ability of the individual and the group members themselves. Thus, it is difficult just to analyze the performance to be done, without knowing their abilities or qualities like experience, knowledge, ideas, skills, information etc. Motivation towards the task is also necessary for both the individuals and group. These are some of the factors we need to come across to know their abilities. As stated by Mullins (2007), "training in group dynamics, whilst interesting, has no practical value as a means of increasing the standard of group performance.' (p. 296)" but it does make a great difference in the long term. If the time span for the task to be done is long than the training given to the group members will obviously give a fruitful result and would obviously be very effective in increasing the standard of group performance. Some of the descriptions below would make the idea more clear. "As commonly used, individual refers to a person or to any specific object in a collection. ...read more.


Generally, there are two types of group i.e., formal and informal group. Formal groups are created for the accomplishment of the specific goal of the task. Here, the group structures are clearly defined, the tasks performed are clearly delineated and the group has the specific purpose for its formation. This kind of group lasts throughout the work period and has the same members. Informal groups are created from the social interaction of the group members themselves. It arises to satisfy the needs of its individual members. It does not have clearly defined structures. This kind of group only lasts for short time and its members may vary at each time. So, formal groups are created for the specific purpose whereas the informal group is created to fulfill the social needs of the group members. Working in groups may lead to better decision as the decision is made through the discussion among the group members. All the experience, knowledge, ideas, skills, information, etc are gathered from the group members and a conclusion is drawn from them which are obvious to provide with a good outcome which will lessen the chances of error in the work. These are some of the advantages of working in a group; on the other hand, there is a chance of conflict among the group members which may arise due to misunderstanding among the members. These kinds of conflicts may lead to the deformation of the group and the goal to be achieved may be in vain. ...read more.


The performance of the individual and group also differs according to the rewards and the appreciation they get from the work they are doing. The aim or the target of the task provided may also make a difference in the performance of the individuals and group members. The performance of the individuals and the group members should be effective not only efficient. An effective performance will only lead to good result if the performance is only efficient than the result is obvious to be a bad one. So, the standard of the performance should be good which can be made by group dynamics in group work and the ability to work in an individual work. In conclusion, although the efficiency and effectiveness of the work is dependent upon the abilities or qualities of the individual himself/herself and the group members, the performance always differs according to the knowledge, ideas, skills, experience, etc. and the most important thing is that they should be motivated to do the appointed tasks. Thus, there is no guarantee that an individual or group will complete task more efficiently or effectively. Both of them can perform better if they have the qualities to perform the work in a better way and is motivated to do the assigned task, and training in group dynamics is obvious to increase standard of the group performance in the long term as it includes all the factors like group development, group cohesion. Thus, no one can decide whether the individual or the group will perform better until and unless their abilities and qualities are known. ...read more.

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