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Save the Last Dance: A Critical Turning Point in the lives of Sara, Malakai and Derek.

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Save the Last Dance: A Critical Turning Point in the lives of Sara, Malakai and Derek Saturday night in Save the Last Dance is a critical turning point in the lives of Sara, Malakai and Derek. This is because they make choices which may change their entire lives. The film contrasts the ideas of Free Will and Determinism by showing how Malakai feels he has no alternative choices, whilst Sara and Derek feel as if they have choices. Determinism leads Malakai into danger and disaster, whilst Free Will leads Sara and Derek into ambition and success. Derek represents the power of Free Will because he believes he has the power to make his own choices. In the film, you are able to see that he makes his own decisions because he has no choice to work or not in school, and Derek does work even though everyone else does not. Also, when he goes to the bar, he hears Sara saying, "Whatever", then Derek shows Free Will by saying, "Order the best, never say whatever." When saying this, Derek shows it is important to make your own choice. In the scene where Derek has to make a choice between the two people he cares about most, he makes the equitable choice. ...read more.


Derek is still trying to reach Sara's audition by running with fast music. Slow music for Malakai when he is shooting represents sadness, but slow music for Sara whiles she is dancing represents happiness. Fast music for Derek creates more tension, even for the audience because as the audience we feel he deserves to be there for support and encouragement. Sara feels nervous and wants to do it but is not confident enough. This is where they use a long shot to show where she is. She shows her nerves by not smiling and she shakes her body as if she is shaking the nerves out and so she is able to move her body more easily when she dances. When she dances, there are close-ups of her hands and feet to show her movements. She holds her head high to show confidence and to show she is able to do it. There is a long shot in slow motion of when she jumps high with a middle shot to make her look as if she is flying, to show her success and her freedom. Malakai is pushed to his knees onto the ground and a high angle shot makes him look small and weak. ...read more.


The scriptwriter, Duane Aaler, chooses to make Sara fall in this audition because it shows that no matter how hard you work it is still possible to make a mistake. But it also shows if you keep trying then you will succeed. I believe that the script dictates that Derek must arrive late so Sara has support and is able to believe in herself and creates the situation where she fails. The other famous movies that focus on a character who wants to become a dancer are Billy Elliott, Dirty Dancing and Strictly Ballroom. I think that Save the Last Dance is better than all of these movies. This is because I feel that Billy Elliott is a lot more serious, Dirty Dancing is meaningful and Strictly Ballroom is also less meaningful. I think that this would appeal a lot more to teenagers because teenagers have many dreams that they want to fulfil but do not have the confidence to do so. I think that this movie would help teenagers live their dreams and to make their own choices. In conclusion, the movie Save the Last Dance represents the power of Free Will. It shows the consequences to the choices that have been made. It tells me that if you take the wrong path, it will lead you to a regretful life but if take the right path, then it will lead you to improved life. Reema Patel ...read more.

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