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“Grass Roots Development” - Netball.

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"GRASS-ROOTS DEVELOPMENT" Netball is available in many areas all over the country. It is taught in both Primary and Secondary schools. Teachers working in their own time, to develop the sport further and to provide the school with a team, set up extra Curricular clubs. The school teams will then have the opportunity to compete in local and national competitions. School teachers at primary school level tend not to have many coaching certificates, as too, Secondary do not. Netball is also played in local clubs, which cater for recreational participation and for more serious players wishing to play at a high level club, county and national competitions. The game and the high quality clubs are more commonly found in the larger cities such as Manchester, London and Liverpool. The disadvantages of netball are, that there is not much television coverage. This means people do not understand the game therefore do not participate in the sport. Many people don't know how to access the sport. Some people may feel they are not of a good enough standard or too old, however leagues are set up for different age groups and ability's. The AENA (All England Netball Association) is involved in Sport England's Sport Active campaign. ...read more.


This should also be the case for up to and including GCSE level as long as its supervised by a qualified teacher. More and more male umpires are also becoming apparent which could be the reason as to why more clubs are beginning to include male players and participants. There are many queries and debates about male teams, female teams and mixed gender teams, whether males should be aloud to join the sport, and if so, in a mixed team with females. There are tournaments appearing giving mixed gender teams a chance of a good competition. Some rules and regulations have been put upon the sport regarding men's strength to women. CRITICAL ANNALYSIS A big advantage of playing netball as a sport is that it caters for all ages, groups, and now genders. The wide range of age groups consisting of the U11s, U12s, U13s, U14s, U15s, U16s, U17s, U18s, U19s, U21s, and seniors, show that the sport of netball is well provisioned and funded, whether it being from sponsors, or from the government. The fact that there are many leagues and tournaments, which cater for everyone, shows that netball is a well-organised and provisioned sport. ...read more.


More advertisement should show this. ADDITIONAL AGENCIES In 1995, the Government set up The National Lottery to raise money for good causes. Sport was a main good cause and Sport England was to be named as the distributor. Sport England is to lead sport in England, to provide knowledge, advice and support and to influence public and decision maker's opinions on sport. Sport England is also there to help "make England an active and successful sporting nation". Sport England distributes money and funding to many different sports to help get clubs running and to help keep them running. Instead of constantly feeding money into clubs, Sport England gives enough to get the club running and to keep it running by itself. Sport Number of Awards Total Project Cost Total Amount Awarded Netball 46 �41,831,158 �30,056,829 Award details Months of awards 96 Projects funded to date 3,595 Total awarded to date �1,391,573,093 Total project cost to date �2,627,466,672 Average projects funded per month 37 Average amount awarded per month �14,495,553 Number of counties covered All Number of sports covered 63 Source: February 2003 announcement of Sport England Lottery Fund awards. BIBLIOGRAPY www.sportengland.com www.aena.com "Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers aena" booklet ...read more.

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