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Business in sport - SWOT analysis for DONFI

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´╗┐Faye Casburn BTEC National Diploma in Sport Outdoor Education) Business in Sport Identify the Market Research methods that are used in two selected sports Organisations. I will start this assignment by explaining that market research is the gathering of information and studying the data collected relating to the consumers preference. This gives a company an insight prior to introducing a product on to the market. For my first sports company I will choose DONFI. I will start by doing a SWOT analysis, then explain the 4 P?s relating to market research and lastly PEST. A SWOT analysis stands for, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. So I can relate this to DONFI by explaining that their- STRENGTHS- are that the company came up with an idea of producing t-shirts which a variety of people would buy, they knew they would be unique as the designs were imported from America. ...read more.


OPPORTUNITIES- DONFI would need to think about expanding their sales area in the future to increase sales. They could also expand on their stock by this I mean that they could introduce more designs in perhaps a variety of coloured t-shirts and also bring in smaller t-shirts rather than large as the demand seemed to be greater. THREATS- The threats to this company are that they need to stay aware of other competition wanting to start similar companies and also the designs used may become more common from larger outsider companies. DONFI also need to be aware that the team is going to have to break apart some day down to a variety of interests and future aspirations of individuals. The 4 P?s relating to Marketing stand for Product, Price, Promotion and Place. ...read more.


This method they used is known as cost-plus pricing, where they add a profit mark up to the unit cost. PROMOTION- the main aims are to inform and make people aware of the product being sold. So DONFI did this by distributing flyers, word of mouth and advertising their product on the internet and on TV screens where all students will be made aware of the product. Sales promotions during events were advertised with new flyers to attract more people to buy for the event being advertised. Also by highlighting promotions e.g. 1 T-shirt for £7 or 2 T-shirts for £10 attracts customers wanting a good deal. PLACE- DONFI needed to think of the most cost effective way to get the product across to the consumer. DONFI attempted direct marketing on the internet by saying if you were interested in the shirts then contact the Managing Director direct. ...read more.

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