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Discuss how Olympics have both enhanced and inhibited the development of sports participation amongst the ethnic minority groups in countries

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Discuss how Olympics have both enhanced and inhibited the development of sports participation amongst the ethnic minority groups in countries I will intend on answering the essay question by outlining how and why the participation of ethnic minority groups' is both enhanced and inhibited in the Olympic Games. I will firstly outline what key features and events that have enhanced the level of minority groups participating in the Olympic Games. I will then go on to outline the events and features which may have inhibited the participation of minority groups in the Olympic Games. I will then conclude by examining both sides of the issue and state my opinion of the issue. The Olympic Games is a huge event which attracts the worlds' interests and has very strong effects on sport around the world. ...read more.


Although these projects are specific and merely symbolic, the Olympic Movement's contribution is intended to complement the efforts of governments and inter- and non-governmental organisations to meet the challenges of our society. The IOC's commitment in this area is based on the need to place sport, which has become a real social force within society, at the service of human development. "The goal of Olympism is to place everywhere sport at the service of the harmonious development of man, with a view to encouraging the establishment of a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity." Olympic Charter, Fundamental Principles, paragraph 3 It has been looked upon by the greater Manchester Conurbation to identify the relationship between ethnicity, culture and participation in sport. Countries including Africa, Bangladeshi, Caribbean, Chinese, east African, Asia and India where compared to a British white group. ...read more.


It is very rare that you see a black swimmer in the Olympic pool mainly because of the stereotypical saying that black men can't swim. The dominant groups' determines the access and opportunities available, this makes it hard for the ethnical minorities to challenge those social determinants and very few succeed. I think that the participation level of ethnical minorities is gradually increasing as facilities in these areas of the world have dramatically got better in recent years. It is now a lot more acceptable for these minorities to take part in sporting events such as the Olympics. Stereotyping and racism is slowly being faded out of sport due to projects that have been launched. There are still problems though. Racism and stereotyping still goes on and religion isn't going to suddenly change to allow women to participate in sport but in the long run the participation levels of ethnic minorities will continue rising. ...read more.

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