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In recent years, a number of retired sports stars have found employment as television presenters. Does this trend suggest that opportunities to succeed in the media are equal?

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In recent years, a number of retired sports stars have found employment as television presenters. Does this trend suggest that opportunities to succeed in the media are equal? In all forms of media, but especially television, each sport with a medium or above fan base has at least one program discussing them or featuring recent events, for example Wimbledon coverage or Grandstand. In the most part, not just the pundits, but also the presenting in dominated by the ex-sport stars themselves. In the following essay I will discuss the positives and negatives of this situation, evaluating to what degree this is fair. Not only will this focus on equality (clearly the underlying theme of the essay) but also rights to the jobs and justice as 'Justice is a way of parceling out rights equally' (Nozick and Steiner). With full equality comes problems, for instance the economics of the country could suffer. As most people would want the best jobs, that earn the most money, none of the menial jobs would get done and goods that Britain needs to produce would not get made. This cannot be allowed to happen and therefore 'equal opportunity was never meant as a soilution to the problem that some people have jobs while others don't' (Cavanagh, M, p119). ...read more.


Here Nozick and Steiner's 'distribution according to need' strongly argues boxers such as Mcguigan need careers after their chosen sport simply to survive. His main, profitable skill is boxing so now that he cannot do it any longer surely its fair he earns a living from evaluating others boxing on a program viewers want to watch him on. This argument however works equally in favor of the trained presenters getting the jobs instead of the retired stars. Mcguigan may need the money but he has already had the chance. Justice can be argued that those who have been specifically trained should get the jobs; they have spent their time learning how to do it and equally need the money, often more. These new presenters are talented, need the jobs just as much and are disadvantaged as they are not already famous or in the industry. The theory of equality itself is that everyone should start off under the same rules with equal rights to everything. This however is not the case, even if all people did begin equal, what people put value in (i.e. sporting success or beauty), effort and choices all end up putting people on different levels. ...read more.


This however, also means the people who get hired, for jobs such as sports television presenters, will be the people who are best for the job. Retired sport stars know their game through and through and this added level of knowledge puts them on a better standing, they can give more information and perhaps pass on a love of the sport which got them to where they now are. This therefore argues compared to someone just trained in presenting, sport stars are those who should be presenting the program as they can give more to the people watching. Despite this argument there are still successful programs like Soccer A.M which are not presented by stars and are still very popular, on the whole however with most current sports programs show a definite trend in using ex-stars to front the programs. Perhaps this is because the television companies believe the celebrity of the star will attract viewers, perhaps they feel the stars know all about the sport and so can present and discuss it better. Whatever the reasons there are many strong theories and arguments for both sides, showing the situation could be both fair and unfair in places it just depends on personal views on ambition, talent and choices. ...read more.

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