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Local and National Provision Essay - Trampolining

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Local and National Provision Essay - Trampolining Many people get involved in trampolining at a very young age through gymnastic clubs, in schools and outside club, which their parents enrolled them in and most of these are run by National Governing Bodies. The National Governing Bodies for Trampolining are British Gymnastics (BG) and the British Schools Gymnastic Association (BSGA) and these organisations entrust the organisation of activities to Regional committees, for example, South East. The BG is funded by Sport England, with Exchequer and Lottery funding to support their development and world class plans. Sport England has helped BG to produce comprehensive guidance on issues like technical requirements and sources of funding for new facilities. An example of a purpose-built facility is Richmond Gymnastics Association, developed with more than �600,000 of Sport England funding. Richmond Gymnastics Association offers opportunities for boys and girls of all ages and a large variety and range of classes from pre-school children, to coaching and judging courses. The BA has sponsorship from many reliable, well known companies including; LG, UK Sport, Sport England, and Milano. ...read more.


When trampolining with clubs, the members usually participate in competitions and tournaments leading to opportunities to progress through their county. These individuals could have the chance to represent the country if they are talented enough. Coaches and scouts can give them the opportunity to participate in national teams and if they get sponsors they could keep progressing and competing to compete at a higher level, like at the Olympics. However, sometimes it is very difficult to get enough funding, for example, Ben Brown, the gymnast featured in London 2012 posters has recently had to retire due to lack of funding as the senior gymnasts have failed to reach the required levels in Men's Gymnastics (to demonstrate they can win medals or make top eight places in major international competitions). As it is difficult to get the necessary funding for development, it also means it is more difficult to progress. Clubs funded by the National Governing Bodies provide training and coaching classes so they can then work with the clubs to train more Trampolinists, making it easier for people to become involved in Trampolining. ...read more.


Currently a motor activities programme is being developed, which will provide a framework through which even the most profoundly disabled gymnast can participate. To conclude, Trampolining in Kent and England is well organised and linked with many clubs and schools, which provides many opportunities for progression in trampolining, however I personally think that more funding is needed in schools by the government to provide the schools with better equipment to use as this would help to interest pupils in Trampolining so that more people with talent can be found and encouraged to progress with their skills. I also think the county needs to be linked with more national and professional figures so that more trampolinists can reach the national and professional level through them. As the requirements for funding at a professional level are difficult to reach, more funding is needed lower down the chain to ensure that the trampolinists have all the resources, training and equipment they need to become top-class athletes. If there were more funding, it would be easier to progress in trampolining from the first time on a trampoline through the stages to a professional level. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kiran Caffery 6L5 Miss Murphy AS PE Coursework ...read more.

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