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Local and National Provision for Hockey Sport's a big part of today's society, with hockey featuring highly

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Local and National Provision for Hockey Sport's a big part of today's society, with hockey featuring highly. This is mainly due to the popularity of the sport within secondary schools and the national curriculum. With about 1150 hockey clubs in England, a National Governing Body (NGB) essentially organises the country's hockey. England Hockey replaced the England Hockey Association (2002). It coordinates involvement and development with nationally run competitions and leagues. Much work's also pumped into developing the foundations for future hockey: the young players of today. With high profile names involved in local schemes such as 'Slazenger Stick Skills', youngsters are encouraged to participate with rewards e.g. badges and certificates. The National Lottery helps develop all levels of hockey with funding via Sport England. It's also in conjunction with the Youth Sports Trust and the Central Council for Physical Recreation. Through funding, Regional schemes such as Active Sports Talent Camps exist to develop the regions county and talented players. ...read more.


North England. Opportunities through trials and training weekends are provided and thus, following the pattern, international trials and competition. As seen by the diagram the different stages become more demanding with less players meeting the higher standards and progressing upwards. There's ranging competition at all levels e.g. school- u12, to u18 and clubs varying from u11 up to numerous open age teams. Currently in England hockey is not a professional and therefore technically paid sport as it is in various other countries such as Holland. There is no provision for this level but with an increase of water based pitches and the senior men's and women's English hockey Leagues' continuously improving standards of competition, the international scene is well established and provided for. By playing in the Senior National League a player has reached the top level of competition before international level, and thus it often leads to opportunities to trials for these highly developed players. ...read more.


However there is no involvement at an elite level such as at the Paralympics due to its sparse global popularity and no record of an international English representative side Evaluating the situation of Hockey within England, it's fair to say there's a solid structure that can still be built on. Equality exists within the sport to the extent of mixed teams, of which most major sports in England do not provide for at senior level e.g. soccer. Also disabled access exists and is strong in many parts of the country but not to the extent of international competition. However, without professionalism, Hockey lacks funding that marketing, TV coverage rights, ticket sales etc. could provide. Fantastic facilities become ever more prominent (e.g. water based pitches), there is surely a gap waiting to be filled that would provide more access and opportunity locally and nationally including disabled athletes. This is certainly an aspect to consider for improvement and standard of the sport for all. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sophie Morley L6.2 PE coursework 996 words ...read more.

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