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Local and National Provision for Hockey.

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Local and National Provision for Hockey People play hockey first in school P.E lessons, these are usually once a week during the hockey season every year. For those who like the game or have a talent for it there would be a school hockey cub at lunchtime or after school. From this club in most schools a hockey team is formed. School hockey teams all have a marked grass pitch to play on, only a few have the better surface Astroturf to play on. ...read more.


Locally, players can participate voluntarily in programmes for all abilities such as Champion Coaching, and be selected for things like the Suffolk Youth Games, these are a mixture of training, matches and tournaments. Sportsmatch is a government funded charity helping sports, in England it receives money through grant aid from Sport England . Sportsmatch encourages the business sector to invest money in sport at the grass roots level. Priority areas for funding are schools, young people disability sport and community sports. ...read more.


Lottery funding helps sports through Sport England. Sport England has 2 major themes, providing equality of opportunity for everyone, whatever their circumstances to take part in sport and helping those with talent develop into the sports stars of the future. The money helps build small local facilities and big international stadiums. Sport England also provides help to individuals who may struggle against financial hardship, it gives them the chance to compete internationally at the highest level they can. They also can provide coaches, facilities and support facilities for the athletes. ...read more.

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