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Local and National provision - I have chosen to study the sport, football and research into the designated sections of the assessment content.

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Unit 2, Section C-Task 4: LOCAL AND NATIONAL PROVISION For task 4 'Local and National provision, I have chosen to study the sport, football and research into the designated sections of the assessment content. Football is a highly popular sport throughout England and the rest of Britain, and there are many governing bodies and other sport related bodies which have been set up for various reasons, such as to promote and fund the sport. A lot of the governing bodies are trying to increase National Grass Roots Development Schemes in order to get more people interested in playing football, especially from an early age. I researched one organization in detail:- which was called 'Sport England'. This organization is in partnership with other agencies as well as the F.A. Premier League, active sports and the government itself. Schemes from Sport England included:- Increasing Grass Roots Development by providing facilities or enhanced facilities all over the country. This includes improving pitches and changing facilities at schools and parks to encourage further participation in the sport of football, as well as encouraging many small rural organizations to become interested in football. ...read more.


and are designed to introduce children to essential sporting skills for sports like football. They also give training to teachers. Sport England mostly funds this. The Active Communities Fund is another agency which has been set up to raise the participation in sports such as football for certain groups of people, which include ethnic minorities, women and girls football, those on low incomes and people with disabilities. I did some research on the provision of football for the disabled and received a reply to my e-mail from a member of the EFDS, giving me a substantial amount of information on this matter. Until the development of the One to One Counts program about a year ago, there was hardly any co-ordinated football development for the disabled people of England. Now they have the opportunity to develop from local club level to national level. The program is very successful and promotes football opportunities at Grass Root Level across many disabilities including:- Amputees, cerebal palsy, learning disability, blind, partially blind and deaf. These six impairment groups have a team at national level. At present fifty professional clubs are delivering sessions to people with disabilities and there will be more soon. ...read more.


I think on a whole the provision for football to be played by all participants is increasing on a national basis. In my local area I think that the provision for football for males especially of any ages is very good and the equipment and strips which the teams are supplied with is very professional. A number of facilities are available to the use of the keswick football teams including pavilion's both in the local park at Keswick, were there is a pitch right next to it, and also at Braithwaite. Both of these are open to members of the keswick football squad and provide showers, which is very adequate for matches in bad conditions. There are a number of fields, which can be used around the area including one in the local park, the three school pitches and one at Braithwaite. The national provision for football over England and Britain for men is really good and there is many clubs which are accessible easily, and there is now an increase in the development of women's clubs and disabled football across the country. However locally there is little provision for disabled people and for girls in Cumbria at the moment. However this is to change especially for disabled people as I found ideas for promotion from a member of the efds. ...read more.

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