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motivation two examples

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Merit for motivation JOHN: John has always wanted to be a professional footballer and loves playing the game. This is the main reason why he keeps himself motivated and participating in sport. He has a high achievement motivation as he really wants to succeed in football. If it wasn't for these reasons he would probably stop playing football or play for a team where there is lower pressure to win. One of the reasons why he may only participate in sport for a short time is that he internally attributes failure. He thinks of himself as being a bad defender and is not quick enough. This will mean that he has low confidence in himself so he may want to stop participating in football. As the coach is not telling him otherwise he really believes it is true. This is the next reason why he might not participate in sport for very long as he receives no verbal persuasion. His coach does not tell him that he values John and it makes him feel like he is not wanted in the team. As he has no self confidence this will make him feel like he is not good at football. Instead of giving praise the coach also shouts things like "that's not good enough" which makes him feel even worse. ...read more.


Her only downfall is that she sometimes exhibits internal failure. She gets nervous before a race so her coach tells her to relax before a race but she finds this very difficult. This could be something she needs to conquer to gain more success. JOHN: The first way in which John could be motivated so that he will continue participation is by getting verbal persuasion. John is a player who does not believe he is good enough so it is essential that someone tells him that he is. This person should be the coach who needs to let john no what he is good is. As john does not think that he is quick enough the coach could tell john the things that he is good at so he can use the attributes he has got. If john is playing badly then the coach needs to explain what he is doing wrong and not just shout at john for playing badly as this will make his confidence even lower. If johns coach is not telling him this then other team mates or a parent could help him to start playing better. The coach will also need to find out how to motivate John. ...read more.


This could be of her coach or off her parents. Extrinsic rewards are things such as money or items that can be offered to Julia if she wins a race. For example her parents could say if you break our personal best of one and a half hours we will buy you the running shoes that you wanted. This will make Julia want to train very hard so that she can get the new running shoes. It will also make her keep participating as she knows that if she stops participating she will not get the shoes that she wants. The coach can offer different types of rewards. For example he could say if you win the county race I will get you a trial for England running team. He can do this as he is head of the England Juniors. This will make Julia want to carry on participating as this reward would be a dream come true. The main reason that Julia keeps training hard for eight hours a day is because her coach gives her lots of verbal persuasion. This is the main reason for Julia participating as it makes her feel good about herself. This means that for Julia to continue to participate in running her coach needs to continue to praise Julia when she does something good. ...read more.

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