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My Governing Body What is a governing body of sport?

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Darren Cooper Contemporary Portfolio My Governing Body What is a governing body of sport? Governing bodies of sport are voluntary bodies. Their main functions are to: - * To make rules and regulations * Organise and run competitions * Develop coaches * Develop and introduce referees * Introduce coaching awards * Select players to represent country An example of a governing body is the ENGLISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION. The English football association is based at FA HEADQUARTERS 25 Soho Square London W1D 4FA Telephone: 020 7724 1182 The English football association's website is thefa.com National associations of Football maintain the rules and keep players disciplined by fining and or banning players. The FA carries this out by setting up a panel, this panel will here the case of a player/team then if necessary a punishment will be given. These associations promote football, all over the country particularly at grassroots level to get youngsters involved in football. The FA organises friendly matches for national teams at all ages, and they also select coaches for the national teams, these coaches select the best team possible to represent their country. There are various governing bodies to govern the game all over the world, firstly FIFA decide were and when world tournaments will be held. ...read more.


Royal Navy FA info@navyfa.com Schools FA info@schoolsfa.com Competitions The English Football Association runs and organises many different competitions ranging from the World Cup all the way through to Women's under 17 and tournaments for the disabled. All of these tournaments are only for the very best at that level World Cup 2002 Seniors U21 U20 U19 U18 U17 U16 Women's Senior Women's U19 Women's U17 Disabled Teams The following competitions are for everyone to enter including Sunday league teams. F.A. Sunday Cup F.A. County Youth Cup. The F.A. Sunday Cup is a competition for clubs playing in Sunday Leagues around the country. It attracts more than 100 entries from around the country, and culminates in a Final held at a League ground. The F.A. County Youth Cup is a competition for the representative youth sides of County Football Associations, giving the best young players involved with the grassroots game in each area the chance to shine. The following tournament is held all over, the country for any team to enter, amateur or professional; these range from teams in the top division like Manchester United to non-league teams like Bamber Bridge. ...read more.


This should be used on every player in the top four divisions to eliminate drug abuse for the English game. Unfortunately this will cost too much money to carry out regularly. Discrimination issues An example of a discrimination issue is the KICK RACISM OUT OF FOOTBALL campaign. Kick it out is football's anti-racism campaign. The Let's Kick Racism Out of Football campaign was started by the Commission for Racial Equality and the Professional Footballers' Association in 1993. It is supported by all the game's governing bodies, supporters' organisations and local authorities, and works to challenge racism at all levels of the game. The campaign is currently working in the following areas: PROFESSIONAL CLUBS~ to ensure a continuing high profile among professional clubs, including the lower divisions and Football Conference. YOUNG PEOPLE~ developing educational resources for use by young people within schools, colleges and youth organisations. AMATEUR FOOTBALL~ working at grassroots and amateur levels to eradicate racist abuse from parks football. ASIANS~ working to help end the exclusion of Asians from the game. BLACK COMMUNITIES~ increasing the participation of local ethnic minority communities at their clubs. EUROPEAN FOOTBALL~ building partnerships to help tackle racism in European football. These are the various organisations that are helping with the kick it out campaign These are the FA Premier league, The Professional Footballers Association, The English FA and the Football Foundation. ...read more.

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