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Should Boxing Be Banned?

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Should Boxing Be Banned? Boxing has and probably always will be thought of as a noble sport by its supporters. If boxing where to be banned it would defiantly anger its supporters and maybe provoke a series of 'underground' boxing matches, which could lead to maybe more violent matches as there would be less control. If it isn't banned there would be outrage among non-supporters and violence may be brought out through the non-supporters. It would be easier to decide whether it should be banned or not if we looked at some of the reasons for and against. ...read more.


The money that is used to purchase these supplies could be used elsewhere and even the supplies could be used elsewhere as well * The BMA have wanted this banned since 1983, but have got no where with their plead * It can make a false idea in young peoples heads that this could be a quick and easy route to money that they can easily do, but ends up ruining their lives Against: * People fight and bet on fights for money as well as enjoyment and therefore want to keep enjoying themselves * As I said before if boxing were to be ...read more.


we can see some of the reasons for boxing being banned, we are able to say whether we think it should be banned or not, I feel that it shouldn't be banned mostly due to the freedom of choice reason. There has always been some sort of sport like boxing and until recently everyone has lived with it. There are certain factors that could provoke me into wanting boxing banned, for example the stupidity of two men in a ring hitting each other isn't a thing that I would enjoy, but I still think people should have a right to do what they want. ...read more.

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