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Sports In Society

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Sports in Society: In this assignment I am going to write a report about the sports industry locally and nationally. I am going to write about two sports: mountaineering and sailing. They are controlled by national governing bodies, which are the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association). I will be writing about the employment, the participation and the financial turnover. Task a) Employment is important to the society today because it creates jobs and careers for the people. It allows people to socialise at work. The sports industry employs a large number of people. They have also been an increase in the number of centres in recent years. To run a big company like the BMC or RYA you need a lot of staff. The RYA has 12 senior managers, 31 executives, officers and coaches and 59 administration staff, bringing the total to 102 members of staff for just one centre. They are a lot more in the whole of the UK because when you look at the annual report the expenditure for staff costs comes up to �2,601,172. This includes staff salaries, social security costs and pension and life insurance costs. I haven't got staff numbers for a centre controlled by the BMC but when I look at the annual report the expenditure for staff costs comes up to �1,063,400. ...read more.


It introduces sport to people at a young age. If P.E is compulsory then it will raise participation. Extra curricular activities are available to help the children develop and participate in their chosen sport more so they gain experience and it also teaches them social skills, like teamwork. And the achievements are recognized. Outward bound is a charitable organization that helps young children get involved with sport. It created the outdoor education movement, which is when more people participated in outdoor sport. Teachers are there to teach you, you look up to them as your role model and they can influence you on the sport you choose. They can teach you the skills and broadens your knowledge. The Lyme Bay tragedy affected the education system, it bought in new rules and legislation to make the activity safer (AALA). Lyme Bay has had a positive and negative impact on outdoor education. In a positive way it has bought new rules and legislations in to make it safer, but on the negative side it has raised worries and made it stricter. For example nowadays if a teacher wants to take a group of pupils kayaking they must be a qualified RYA Level 2 Kayaking instructor and they must also fill in papers like parental consent forms, route cards and risk assessments. ...read more.


For example dance and gymnastics are now part of the national curriculum, also outdoor sports such as kayaking and climbing are considered to be traditional now and children can try them out through school. Although there is pressure from the other subjects to be taught at school P.E has helped developed outdoor sport. Sport has also developed through funding as they are a lot more means of funding nowadays and it is supported by the government. These are a few of the funding providers: Sport England, the National Lottery, the Foundation for Sport and the Arts, Sports Aid, Sports Match and the Youth Sports Trust. Also funding comes from the media and raises it awareness and the government may give grants for the development of a sport which is particularly popular. If the funding is good then it can mean people can participate in sport in good conditions with good facilities and the right equipment. Media is a big developer of sport as it has raises awareness through broadcasting it on TV. People watch TV a lot and if they see a sport that they like it will encourage them to maybe try it out and participate in it. People often hear about new things through TV, Radio, Newspapers and so I think that the Media has played a big part in the development of sport. ?? ?? ?? ?? Elly Bryan Lecturer: Sarah Pearson ...read more.

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