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Anti-Anti-Anti-PC; A Critique of Political Correctness amongst the Right

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Anti-Anti-Anti-PC; A Critique of Political Correctness amongst the Right According to George Orwell, "All language is political". Indeed as if we ever needed a better example, a new and more progressive era has been entered upon; where conservatives have introduced a catchy two word phrase to undermine a world supposedly committed to egalitarianism and respect for the dignity and welfare of others. Political Correctness (or PC) is a concept, while having been around for some centuries, recently finding immense support - but for the wrong reasons. What irks me is the fact that the term - now turned derogatory - has been used to manipulate a generation of progressive minds leaving them blind to the hypocrisy the prominent users of the term, themselves, derive. Where the manipulation achieves its success is in simplification; simplification of an issue into mere black and white. Political Correctness apparently is sweeping a world caught up in righting its wrongs. The concept of righting your wrongs seems to be a positive force; but then so does the term Political correctness. Where the phrase seems to glitch though is when suddenly justice is hypocrisy, and compassion is an attack on freedoms of speech. Yes; if you've noticed the parallel with Orwellian Newspeak. ...read more.


Consider economics, where freedom is so dispensable it's handed out as an entr´┐Że, side dish, or even dessert. Economic freedom at its face seems to be something we all would like to strive to. The truth is, economic freedom means the violation of freedoms for millions. In Oldspeak Economic Freedom is Exploitation. De-regulation is Corporate Anarchy. Political Correctness is that sugar-coating used by the right to promote a matrix reality; Political Correctness is that stain used by the right to disorient consciousness. Explode Your Dogmas The stain is spread heaviest on egalitarian pursuits and as iterated before; it achieves success through simplification. Indeed we've always had that need to rationalise our own history, social policies, and ethnic bigotries into "something blame free and racially neutral whenever possible, and ethnocentrically [only] when it suits our interests." The double standards people talk about are manifest in the institutionalised, rigid, context ignorant thinking of their own. Context ignorance stems from our need for comfort; to allow our minds to be put at ease. This is why I have appraisal for a curriculum that puts its focus on the history of oppression and exploitation. Why? Because, to put it simply, that is what our history consists of; in understanding our history, we may then understand where our future should take us. ...read more.


Feminism was about equal pay and workplace conditions, and to a large extent it still is. But there is more that remains undone. It evolves to now counter attitudes, stereotypes, and the same exploitation manipulated in more covert ways. Yes, we have come a long way especially in the past 50 years. But that does not mean we should not continue to evolve for the next 50. The aberration of the politically correct is just another hurdle cast on progress. We've seen it before; in Pompeius' disinformation campaign against Caesar; in the Church's period of the Holy Inquisition; and in the West's 'Red Army/Domino Effect' theory. Psychological warfare is indeed not a very new phenomenon. It has just recently become manifest on a more subtle but equally more dangerous level. The use of the phrase Political Correctness is to promote disunity among those who need most to unite. Its success is paramount on the incestuous spindle of incomprehensible hypocrisy. Transcend . . . George Orwell posited that if thought can corrupt language, then so too can language corrupt thought. Fruitful education, promotes fruitful thought. Our guide comes from this education. Only then do we have the ability to critique inconsistencies from Conservatives through to Anarchists; it is through this questioning of what is thrown at us, and by whom, that we can transcend the context ignorant and finally . . . understand. ...read more.

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