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Greek doctors in the roman world.

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Greek doctors in the roman world * Progress in medicine was made, as new surgical instruments were devised to help the surgeons perform intricate operations, such as the removal of the polyps from the nose and the goitres from the throat. * Dioscorides went all around the known world, and collected all the herbs he could find: experimenting on them and classifying them. This must have immensely enlarged his knowledge about natural cures. But most importantly, by enclosing all these facts in the book Herbarium, he made possible for other doctors across the known world to aknowledge these facts. * Galen revived the methods used by doctors in Hippocrate's time that were falling in disuse. ...read more.


* Still believing in the theory of the four humours, Galen decided to go further than Hippocrates in developing treatments to restore the balance of the four humours. He believed in the use of opposites. This involved treatments such as pepper, which would bring heat to a man whose disease was thought to be caused by cold, or cucumber which would cool a man whoses illness was thought to be caused by heat. Violent gymnastic exercises prescribed for weak or convalescent people; singing and breathing exercises for a man with a deformed chest. * 1. Galen advised his pupils to dissect apes, because apes are the most ressembling animals to humans, therefore even their inside structure should be similiar to the human one. ...read more.


E.g if you cut through . . . behind the fifth vertebrae of the head . . . then both arms are paralysed. * 1. Galen's ideas were so important, because they had a great influence, lasting for over 1200 years. During his lifetime he wrote a great number of books, in which he produced a complete system of medicine. The system not only included hid ideas, but contained other important doctors' idea as well: Hippocrates, Erasistratus, Herophilus and other greek phisicians. Galen's books provided doctors with a mass of detailed and well organised information. 2. Galen's ideas both appealed to Christians and Muslims, because they pointed out the fact that organs were produced by a " Creator" ...read more.

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