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Labour and Conservative - Similarities and differences in organisation.

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Labour and Conservative - Similarities and Differences in Organisation In my view, Labour and Conservative parties are slowly, but surely, moving into the same line of views, policies, methods of organisation and eventually turning into eachother. This seems like it is inevitable. From the present situation today, compared to the old views and situations of the past. Currently, the Tory party seems to jump at every opportunity to shoot itself in the foot. Soon enough, surely, and hopefully sooner rather than later, even the old Tory partisans will come to realise that the old, out of date, unattainable and irrelevant policies of the current Conservative are needless to say, archaic if not ridiculous. The Labour party, a party of the people, with the vision of a leader in his still relatively young years for prime minister, have taken the nation into a new era, which have made the up-keep of the country, and not just the up-keep of the party, its best interest. ...read more.


In this era, the Labour party leader is again challenging the so-called "traditions" of its party views. Traditionally the Labour party control has been organised and spread throughout the party. Under Tony Blair, the Labour party has been taken aback by the strength and conviction of one man, where traditionally the pressure of unions, the constituency and back bench MP's would have stopped such a thing from happening. Where as this Labour government, overall, seems to be enjoying this almost "dictator" style of leadership under Tony Blair. Where one can see that the two parties are similar in the simple fact that they both have a leader, one can also see that the two parties are very much different in the way in which the leader is in control of the party, and the way in which the leadership roles have evolved. ...read more.


The Old strength of the Conservative leadership under Margaret Thatcher has been dubbed "Thatcherism" by the press and the associated media over the past years since her resignation. This can draw another similarity between the two parties, as the current Labour leader Tony Blair, has gained much similar acclaim in the press as such a strong minded and willed leader, like Thatcher, that his rule and policies have been dubbed as "Blairisms" or "Blairites" from the press. The constituency labour parties and the Conservative associations are also similar to one another. They both deal with the "grass roots" of the party. From the local level of selecting candidates to the raising of awareness about certain issues within the party. There must be more similarities and differences, but I can't think of any! Sorry. Josh Igoe - Politics - 15th October 2003 ...read more.

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