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The federal bureaucracy has three major functions; executing laws, creating rules and adjudication. The constitution states that the president shall 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed'. Congress

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The federal bureaucracy The federal bureaucracy has three major functions; executing laws, creating rules and adjudication. The constitution states that the president shall 'take care that the laws be faithfully executed'. Congress introduces bills, the president makes these into laws and the federal bureaucracy sees that the laws are executed. Bureaucrats are required to write specific rules that decide how laws should be executed. If dispute arises between executing the laws and creating the rules, it is the function of the federal bureaucracy to adjudicate in such disputes. There are currently 15 executive departments, each headed by a member of the Bush Cabinet. Originally there were three departments; State, War and the Treasury. ...read more.


The Justice department offers legal advice to the president and represents the executive branch of the federal government. As well as the executive departments, the federal government is also made up of Executive agencies, Independent regulatory commissions and Government corporations. Executive agencies are very similar to executive departments, except their directors are not members of Bush's cabinet (although the president appoints them). In the past executive agencies have been promoted to executive departments, such as Housing. An example of an executive agency is The Environment Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates air and water pollution controls, regulates drinking water and organises the safe disposal of hazardous materials. ...read more.


A related dilemma faced by bureaucracy is the conflict between authority and accountability. If efficiency were the only objective of administration, bureaucracies would be given extensive power and discretion. However, in a political system in which the powers of government are derived from the people, the government must be accountable to the people for how it exercises those powers. On the one effectiveness demands that bureaucracies and bureaucrats be armed with the tools, authority and flexibility they need to accomplish the tasks they are assigned. However, popular governance demands that bureaucracies and bureaucrats be held accountable for their actions. These objectives are not always compatible. Time spent responding to congressional inquiries and investigations or holding public hearings satisfy the demands of accountability, but they directly diminish the capacity of bureaucracies to accomplish their allotted responsibilities. ?? ?? ?? ?? Clara Widdison ...read more.

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