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To What Extent Has Camerons Conservative Party Betrayed Its Traditional Values?

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To What Extent Has Cameron's Conservative Party Betrayed Its Traditional Values? David Cameron is a fresh face to the Conservative party, with new fresh ideas that is going to drive the party forward supposedly, or just to gain support, but have his new ideas removed the traditional values of the party or are the Conservative party's grass roots from Margaret Thatcher. Cameron has been compared to the Iron lady several times, is he similar, is he not and personally I think he is, but is not showing it as people will remember the serious crisis Britain was in under Thatcher. A key difference between Thatcherism and Cameron views is the clash on the environment. Cameron believes that we need to cut our CO2 emissions, and to do this he proposes that we create more urban green spaces, where there will be "incentives to recycle" and "working toward zero waste." Cameron also wants to change the people of Britain's mindset on landfill. He wants to end the reliance on landfill and find ways as well as recycling to make us greener, saying that products still in the drawing room should consider the disposability of the product, creating a voluntary arrangement among producers to cut back on the production of waste and improve its disposal. ...read more.


The Times wrote an article about how the NHS would actually be safer under the conservatives than under Labour, something hard to believe by any traditional Conservative as they most likely have private healthcare and therefore don't want to pay for other people's healthcare as well as there own. This is another way Cameron is against his traditional Conservative values. The economy is a way Cameron clashes with the hard nut old school conservatives as they believe that public spending should be cut and taxes reduced, but Cameron said that no cuts will happen at this time. This could be that he is worried about the country's economic state as we are in recession, but this doesn't explain his idea to cut public spending as this would worsen the problem according to many top economists. Cameron has tried to appease the traditional conservatives by saying that he will cut taxes as this is what they want. He said that he will only do this if the economy permits him too and therefore will not damage the economy. This is exactly what Thatcher did when she came to power in 1979, but when she did this the economy got hurt badly as anything losing money no longer received government money and then had to close down leaving many unemployed. ...read more.


They don't like the fact that Cameron has now accepted civil partnerships in his party, the first being Alan Duncan, the shadow business secretary. Many of his constituents in Rutland and Melton were delighted for the couple, but other supporters such as Tim Montgomerie were displeased by it and even named the party the "nasty party." In conclusion I believe that David Cameron is exactly what the Labour party portrayed him as, a chameleon. He seems to be a Traditional conservative through and through but appeasing the liberals will most likely ensure victory in the next general election. He tries to show us he does the right thing, like cycling to work, but his efforts are in vain now everyone knows that his suit is taken in a car that follows him, therefore his green campaign has been shot down and environmentalists will be unsure whether to vote for him. Another example of his efforts to gain power is his speech saying he would give a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and this gained him control over the Conservatives but now he won't get the chance to have a referendum as the bill has already been passed. Therefore I think he is superficial to appease everyone but Conservative inside and this will show if elected next year. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Alex Pollard Page 1 ...read more.

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