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Why is it so difficult to keep the peace talks going in the Middle East?

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Why is it so difficult to keep the peace talks going in the Middle East? It's difficult to keep peace talks going in the Middle East because of the conflict between the Arabs and Israelis. The extremist on both sides, think they are right and that peace will not work in Israel. The moderate's voices on both sides are not heard because of the extremist action that outrages the people, which drowned out the moderates causing the conflict to escalate. ...read more.


They where not happy about it and distrusted the UN for not giving them back their land. At the moment, the Israelis are searching for Palestinians organisers who are responsible for the suicide bombers. The Palestinians see it as there only weapon against the might of the Israeli army and population, and feel that yet again the world is just telling them what to do and not listening to them. ...read more.


In conclusion, each side distrust each other causing Palestinians and Israelis to be in a circle of distrust. One side wants something but the doesn't. The Palestinians agree to peace if Israeli tanks and army move first from the occupied territories, but the Israelis want to see peace then the tanks will move out. Both sides distrust each other. The Israelis have more power as a state but Palestinians have right's, they both have conflicting views this is why its hard to keep peace talks going in the Middle East. ...read more.

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