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A Comparison between my improvisation of Generation gap by us and the film of Step Mom by Gigi Levangie.

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A Comparison between my improvisation of Generation gap by us and the film of Step Mom by Gigi Levangie The two pieces of improvisation are good for a comparison because our improvisation is about two single parents one who lives with their mother moving in and how the children react to each other. Step mom is however slightly different as it is about parents who have just got divorced and are introducing the fathers new girlfriend in to the children's life's too. So our play is about the reaction towards the children and the film is about the reaction between the step mom. It is also very good from comparison as the family with the Grandmother in Generation gap previous relationship ended by death and in Step mom it ends with a death by the mother of the children dying from cancer. They are similar, as they are both sets in present day and shows how people react when introducing new members in to their lives. They may react snappy or just miserable around them and whether it is possible for them to change their feelings as in step mom the girl Anna was snappy and miserable at different times but by the end of the play she was able to accept the step mom. ...read more.


The way he acts around his girlfriend suggests that it would be hard to make a choice as he loves both his girlfriend and children but you see that he would probably put his children first but this isn't certain. But they could be equal you don't know whether he means this or whether he's mocking the child in saying its impossible to stop loving your child. This is similar in both plays showing children is most important in keeping family's together. In both there is a sign of betrayal but not in both cases. It is on purpose in our play as they decide its not working and stay with their kids. They purposely betray each other for their kid's sake though it is not entirely their fault as the grandmother was getting very lonely and the daughter Geraldine kept on doing things to try and split them apart. In step mom however it was no ones fault of the mothers betrayal as she had symptoms of cancer and had to leave. There are tensions between many of the characters in "step mom" not just the children the mums as well. ...read more.


This helped me to try and build it up how I would always deliberately annoy her by changing the channel and because I was younger often got my own way and did disgusting things to annoy her such as picking my nose or playing with the small cars. I also showed that I really didn't like living with Geraldine. Geraldine was also able to upset me, more than I upset her just by the slightest things but after saying "no-one would go out with her as she's boring." you see the insult on her face showing that it has really upset her but just shows annoyance strongly. It causes a change in the adults relationship deciding the kids come first and it is best for a separation for a couple of months but you don't know if it stays that way. In "step Mom" you see a great contrast towards the end as Isabel gets married to their dad however much they hate it they try to accept her in the family and see she has qualities which they didn't see before. Jackie says to the step mom Isabel you can have their future and I will have their past and you see a peace all around. ...read more.

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