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Advertising-Make Children More Brand Loyal.

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ADVERTISING-MAKE CHILDREN MORE BRAND LOYAL Young children are increasingly the target of advertising and marketing because of the amount of money they spend themselves, the influence they have on their parents spending (pester power factor) and because of the money they will spend when they grow up. Children's advertising covers all types of media outlets from newspapers to television stations. They will spend more time watching television than they spend in class for their entire schooling. To achieve effective relationships between children and your brands, a lot of advertising and promotion should take place. A version of the infomercial aimed at children is the television show whose main characters are modeled after toys. Often cartoon characters would be launched as movies, be followed up by television series and then be sold related to hundreds of products from T-shirts to toys. 'The Disney Stores promote the consumer products, which promote the theme parks, which promote the television shows. The television shows promote the company', the head of Disney explained. You could not only feature cartoon or other characters from children's television programs to gain their endorsement for the brand's products, but even place those advertisements in the breaks of the television programs about those characters. This way the brand can take advantage of the affection children feel for those characters and will be able to make the child come closer in respect of loyalty. ...read more.


By establishing the brand with a name a logo that will be friendly and interesting to children, the brand can become more recognized and widely preferred by the young customers. A future designed logo that will remind of super heroes and adventures is a good idea for targeting all ages of childhood. Older children will become familiar with it and younger children will save it in their developing memory. An important factor is the times that the advertising takes place. By any means it is vital to invest on advertising on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday periods. Children programs and even children networks are the target. It is almost certain that a child will see the product on these days, as TV is their main hobby inside the house. But TV is not the only field of advertising. The radio, less proffered by children is an important mean of establishing the brand inside the market. Children you are taken to school by car or even when they are out with their parents for shopping, listen to the radio inside the car and can create pictures in their mind, which is sometimes more effective than watching pictures. Try and advertise the brand in early morning hours, when children go to school with their parents. The market place itself is an important mean of advertising. ...read more.


So all the steps should be taken carefully and should apply to the regulations. Children are a sensitive group of people and the technique the brand could use to approach them should be studied carefully and cover all the above issues. So all the steps should be taken carefully and apply to the regulations. Try and establish the brand by exploiting the power of pictures and sounds as much as possible. Children get excited by these and like action and motion. The marketing strategy in respect of advertising described above is the way, and as mentioned again, there are huge examples of success inside the market industry. By getting to know the child's psychology and how advertising stimulates their brain the brand gets to know how to promote the product more effectively. CONCLUSION Advertising to children definitely has both positive and negative benefits that help and hinder the development of the child. Regardless of the effects that marketers have on our youth, advertisements will continue. New areas of the ethical debate will also continue to grow. Some of these new issues are the controversies that are arising from the exponential growth of the Internet and of global marketing. Both governmental agencies and parents need to be aware of this continuing debate as these new issues arise. Likewise, awareness needs to be developed on how these new issues affect children based on existing psychological research so that parents and the government can react in the best manner possible. ...read more.

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