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Are gender differences fact or fiction? Discuss with respect to at least two distinct measures or traits.

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?Are gender differences fact or fiction?? Discuss with respect to at least two distinct measures or traits. There are several ways in which to answer this question, but I will begin the essay by defining the question. Gender differences that are fact are defined as being proven by science; these could be research and experiments that have been performed, to get results about sexes. Differences that are fiction are basically ideas that are made up in our minds, you could say that they are constructed and these could be for several reasons, e.g. media and social groups. The majority of people believe gender differences to be fiction as they may be influenced by social background. ...read more.


Changing traditional gender roles seems to be difficult, not because woman or men do not have the necessary skills for one?s task but because everyone carries with them their own symbol of a ?world?, As Plato would describe, to be their ideal realm in their minds. Society?s evolution, especially on woman redefines gender role, promoting a woman more active and independent, whereas a man would be more involved in household tasks. Furthermore, media also has a massive impact on our ideas towards gender difference; boys are very orientated to game culture as psychologists have researched. Boys are interested in gaming, competition and a lot of action, which through this interest can move onto violence as the media might display. ...read more.


Men are shown as superior, intelligent and egotistical, whereas women are seen to be ?dumb? i.e. ?blonde. All exaggerations aside, the media is supposed to reflect the world we live in. In addition, the media can influence the face we decide to take on, which could be a bad thing based on the message communicated. However, if you look at the youth in the modern day, the majority of their time spent, involves some form of media, so it makes sense that the media influence not only how we act but how we talk in our everyday life. These ideas are fiction as they are made up by media, which we take on as our own belief system. Lewy Macknold ...read more.

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