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Black Mountain Quarry environmental issues

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BLACK MOUNTAIN QUARRY Task 1 What is this issue about? Introduce the issue. The issue is the Black Mountain Quarry, which was set up in the late fifties by Peter Lagan from County Derry. The parties who are involved in the issue surrounding the Black Mountain Quarries are Black Mountain Action Group and local residents, the Department of the Environment (D.O.E) who will decide the outcome and Peter Lagan the present owner of the company White Mountain Quarries It is an issue because some local residents and the Black Mountain Action Group want it closed for environmental reasons and the work force needs it to maintain their livelihood. ...read more.


Peter Lagan from Derry bought the quarry in the late fifties. To start he only had one lorry and some second hand equipment. Within five years Mr. Lagan had forty lorries and millions of pounds worth of equipment. They also own a Cement Company and Tarmac firm. At the minute they are making the runways for the Hong Kong Airport. The Lagans are the largest family business in Northern Ireland. Some of the local residents want the quarry to stay open as they work there or they work for one of the companies who use material from the quarry. Black Mountain Action Group is a locally based group, which was set up in 1988 to stop White Mountain Quarries from continuing. ...read more.


The owner wouldn't want it to close as they have made a lot of money also he might want to past it on to his children or his grandchildren. He has put a lot of money into buying an automatic sprinkling system which shows he cares about the people. Black Mountain Action Group want the quarry to close as they are standing up for all the people who want the quarry to close as people are suffering because of it. Also because the quarry is getting too big and is ruining the skyline. The noise from the blasting is also very disturbing especially for young children. The group has made a photo exhibition which shows people the state of the quarry. The group were also winners of Bryson house "Better Belfast" award. 3 1 Page ...read more.

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