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bolbys theory

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This proved a theory for young babies detached from their mothers or predominant carer, that detachment at an early stage of life can reoccur as a much more serious problem or even mental retardation later in that child's life, again reinforcing the importance of secure attachment to a familiar carer or specifically the mother (according to Bowlby). Protest => despair => detachment In the initial stages the child protests openly, if their mother fails to return they will eventually move into a phase of despair characterised by hopelessness and depression. If the mother still fails to return they will eventually display detachment, here they may appear happier and be wiling to accept care and attention from others but they have lost the focus of any deep attachments. Bowlby went on to put forward the more controversial maternal deprivation hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, breaking the maternal bond with the child during the early years of its life is likely to have serious effects on its intellectual,social, and emotional development. ...read more.


* Only 17% of the other thieves (the ones who weren't classed as affectionless psychopaths) had experienced such separations * Even fewer (4%) of the control group ("non-thieves") had experienced frequent early separation * These findings suggest a link between early separations and later social and emotional maladjustment * In its most severe form, maternal deprivation appears to lead to affectionless psychopthy. In its less severe form it leads to antisocial behaviour (theft) * These findings support the maternal deprivation hypothesis * The evidence is correlational, which means that we can only say that deprivation/separation and affectionless psychopathy are linked, not that one caused the other * The data on separation were collected retrospectively and may not be reliable. Parents may not have accurately recalled separations during infancy. Not able to determine cause and effect DEMAND CHARACTERISTICS - saying something to please the interviewer - especially parents - good excuse for having delinquent son Rutter has a lot of criticism for the study. ...read more.


Restricted growth and development On discovery at the age of seven the Koluchov� twins were dwarfed in stature, lacking speech, suffering from rickets and did not understand the meaning of pictures. The doctors who examined them confidently predicted permanent physical and mental handicap. Return to normality for the Koluchov� twins Removed from their parents, the Koluchov� twins first underwent a programme of physical remediation, and entered a school for children with severe learning disabilities. After some time, the boys were legally adopted by exceptionally dedicated women. Scholastically, from a state of profound disability they caught up with age peers and achieved emotional and intellectual normality. After basic education they went on to technical school, training as typewriter mechanics, but later undertook further education, specialising in electronics. Both were drafted for national service, and later married and had children. They are said to be entirely stable, lacking abnormalities and enjoying warm relationships. One is a computer technician and the other a technical training instructor. Case studies do not provide evidence that can be applied to he total population ...read more.

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