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citizenship cousrework

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Sports relief Coursework My chosen activity is to teach a lower school class about sports relief. Sports relief is a project that supports development projects in countries like Guatemala and even some parts of England. People raise money by doing things like walking a mile or just doing any other activity that can raise some money. The raised money goes to countries that need it for basic living necessaries like food and water. The aim of my activity is to make the children understand what sports relief exactly is and where all the money goes to, and hopefully get them raising money for the cause to. ...read more.


My part was to tell the children where the money went to and I had to set up the DVD when another group member was speaking. I got a lot of my resources from the internet after I researched them and I actually learnt more about the charity then I knew before. I did a majority of the talking and I didn't really like it as I feel the children were getting a bit board of me and I felt a bit awkward. To be honest we didn't really take much time preparing the activity but overall it didn't go that bad, although it could have gone a lot better and nothing really major went wrong . ...read more.


Although we made some mistakes 'here and there' I am glad I made them as I will learn not to make the same mistakes and I will over prepare and get an ample amount of information to fill the time period. At the start I didn't really want to do the presentation but I am now glad I did as it gave me the feel of presentations and working as a team like as you would if it was your job. Overall there were some ups and some downs to the presentation but I haven't really done anything like it before and therefore I will be better at it in the future. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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