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Client case study (client A) My placement was at a nursery, which cares for children aged three months to four years. The nursery can care for six

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Client case study (client A) My placement was at a nursery, which cares for children aged three months to four years. The nursery can care for six children aged 3 months to two years at one time, in addition to this they can care for fifty children aged two to four years at one time. The children could stay between seven thirty and five o clock. There parents had the option to leave them for half or a full day. Client A has been at the nursery for two months and is two years old. She is showing signs that she may have severe behavioural problems. She finds it hard to sit or concentrate for any period of time. ...read more.


Because she is now two clients A should be in the nursery with the other children aged two plus, but because of her behaviour the staff decided that not too put her in nursery as this may be to stressful for her at this time, as she was having problems with the other children. Client A was accessed by the staff and was developing at the normal rate for her age. After discussing the problems client A was having in class with her parents, they explained they originally come from South Africa and do not speak English at home. This means that the disruptive behaviour that she is showing is due to language barriers. ...read more.


Picture cards are going to be used to help her understand what she is being asked to do. For example before meals times the children are asked two at a time to wash their hands, client A will be shown a picture of hands being washed under a tap while being given the instruction. Within two days of the staff using pictures to communicate with client A, her behaviour had already dramatically changed. She had started to join in with the class and her screaming had nearly completely stopped. The staffs and her parents were amazed at her progress. Client A will be moved from the class she is in now to the class for the older children aged two plus in weeks time as the staff as completely sure she is now ready and will now enjoy interacting with the other children. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christina Minchin ...read more.

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