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Compare and contrast Blue Remembered Hills with Hope And Glory

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Part 1: Compare and contrast Blue Remembered Hills with Hope And Glory The first aspect I am going to compare is the time in which the plays were written and set. Blue Remembered Hills was written by Dennis Potter and was first performed in 1973. It is set in the height of summer in 1943 during the long summer holidays it is set during one single afternoon as World War II unfolds around the children. Hope and Glory on the other hand was written in 1989 by John Boorman. The main character in the play named Billy is a reflection of John Boorman's childhood. ...read more.


In Hope and Glory the majority of the characters are Billy's family although there is a group of his friends which is a direct connection to Blue Remembered Hills. Billy's family is of middle class and is considerably better off than any of the children in Blue Remembered Hills. In Hope and Glory there is a much broader variety of characters and there are also more characters including grown-ups such as parents, grand parents and teachers. In Hope and Glory there is also a stereotypical cross-section of children shown in the school, which Billy attends. In Hope and Glory there is also a Bullied child, a very confident and cocky character who is a bit of a bully and an effeminate girl. ...read more.


It is set in the suburbs of London with some but only little sense of community. However the children still have a reasonable amount of freedom in burnt houses. The war is portrayed around the family in everyday life through rationing, air raids and houses being bombed and the barrage balloon. The fourth and final aspect I am going to show is the style of the two plays. Blue Remembered Hills is autobiographical play of Dennis Potter's childhood as Hope and Glory is of John Boorman childhood. Blue Remembered Hills is mainly naturalistic except for the very important fact that it is supposed to be performed by adults imitating children. Hope and Glory's style is also naturalistic but much more chronological and begins with a narrators voice. ...read more.

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