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Compare and contrast the parent/child relationship in the "The Dolls Children" and "On Worms and Being Lucky"

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Compare and contrast the parent/child relationship in the "The Dolls Children" and "On Worms and Being Lucky" U A Fanthorpe expresses in many of her poems how relationships effect people from various points of view and some are through her own experiences of a child's relationship with its parents. Two poems that focus on the issue of family bonding are "The Dolls Children" and "On Worms and Being Lucky". In these poems Fanthorpe illustrates to the reader how she felt during her relationship with her father in throughout her young life and she also provides the reader the view of a minor character from the literacy works of Ibsen. "The Doll's Children" inspired by "A Doll's House", a play written by Ibsen in which the character of Nora is looked upon as a child through out her life whilst living with her father and also her husband. Norah realizes she has been confined to living as a child amongst her own children and runs away from her family. In many of her poems U A Fanthorpe looks at different views of literacy through the views of minor characters as in the case of "The Doll's Children". ...read more.


to open the door to a new lease of life but has staggered herself towards a vulnerable freedom as at her present behaviour she wouldn't be able to handle the difficulties she faced ahead. The hostile city she has wandered into is described as an unwelcoming place "Whose dance-halls were shady", signifying that the city isn't a place for "sweet toothed", pretty and innocent mothers. This however is overthrown by her courage to walk away from her family and house as there is nothing that could assist to maintain her stay. "We are the children of Norah who slammed the front door, Who walked out alone with her courage" We are reminded that it was Norah's decision to turn her back on her past personality and turn over a new leaf as she "slammed the front door" on her way out. The children are also shown as capable of supporting themselves without there mother, "As the youngest son walks alone into the forest... It seems there is hope for us, after all." The phrase "walks alone into the forest" illustrates to the reader that the children have been given the launch pad to begin the new life ahead for them in there search for "unchildish places". ...read more.


his life as he is also still appreciating her luck that she has given to him from the betting to the death bed and also most importantly the love between the to which is as strong as a rock. Although she regards her luck as superficial she believes that his luck came through his optimism in the tiniest of things and that is how she considers he lived a long lasting life of love and good fortune with a little help from his daughter. "Yours was the gift that sees life gold side up... A serious blessing." The relationships between the children in both poems illustrate contrasting perspectives of how a child and parent relationship is affected by the way both contributors act towards each other. In the first poem the parents were shown as more child like than there own children which brought upon disturbances in the children's lives whilst in the second poem the presence of the child brought upon comfort and love in the form of luck to the parent. Both poems provide the reader an insight on how a relationship between children and parents should be run as contributions are needed from everyone to maintain a loving environment for all to reside in. AHSAN AHMED ENGLISH LIT - 1 - ...read more.

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