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Cultural variations in attachment

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CULTURAL VARIATIONS IN ATTACHMENT Key Terms: Cultural Variations: The way groups of people vary in terms of their behaviour and the way this effects a child's development Culture: Rules, customs and ways of interacting that binds or 'gels' a group of people together. They all know how to act or behave in their own culture Collectivist Culture: Any culture that places more value on the group as a while rather than individuals. ...read more.


Those who were securely attached showed greater sensitivity to their infants. Tronick looked at a tribe called the Efe from Zaire who lived in extended family groups. The infants were breastfed by several women but stayed with their own mother at nigh. They still showed one attachment. Supporting Bowlby's idea of monotropy. Fox studied kids raised in a Kibbutaz who were raised in groups (communally). The infants seemed to be just as attached to all who cared for them but showed greater attachment to their mother on reunion. ...read more.


This means children don't proximity seek and so appear insecurely attached. Japanese children were very distressed at being left alone in the strange situation. In one study 90% were so distressed it had to be stopped (Takahashi). This is because Japanese children rarely experience separation. Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenberg looked at 32 studies of attachment which covered 2000 strange situation tests in 8 countries. They found that the global pattern was the same - secure attachment being the norm. The studies suggest that even though there are variations in attachment the strongest bond is usually with the mother. ...read more.

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