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Debate - Hitting Children, right or wrong?

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Debate - Hitting Children, right or wrong? I am going to be discussing whether hitting children is right or wrong and at the end I will say what I think. I will put forward points for and against for this subject. It is quite hard to say whether hitting children is right or wrong, as there are so many reasons for both sides. On one hand hitting children is wrong, as it can be physically and emotionally harmful. Hitting Children makes them feel unloved, frightened and confused and they can lie or hide feelings to avoid smacking which can spoil family relationships. ...read more.


It can start as just a gentle smack but once this does not work, it is too tempting to hit a little harder and a little harder, when do you stop? It is illegal for an adult to be hit and it should be for children too. We should be protecting children more; after all they are only children. If smacking works, why do you have to keep on doing it? It is not only better for children for parents to stop hitting them but also for parents as most parents regret it afterwards. This is so serious that 10 countries have already abolished all corporal punishment. On the other hand, hitting children is right as it is teaching them a lesson. ...read more.


Hitting children makes them behave and this is what parents want. More than two thirds of parents say sorry afterwards so this shows that parents aren't trying to hurt their child, just teach them a lesson. In my opinion hitting children is wrong. The reason I believe this is because it may not be really physically harmful but it can be very emotionally harmful. Children don't know everything that is right and wrong and can be doing something, which they don't know is wrong and then get hit for it. Children just need to be told that it is wrong and why and then be punished without resorting to violence. Being hit as a child can teach them that violence is okay and will solve problems; this is not a message parents should teach their child. Laura Murphy 9M ...read more.

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