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Describe 2 Explanations Of The Formation Of Relationships:

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Describe 2 Explanations Of The Formation Of Relationships: There are around 4 ideas or theories on how relations are formed, I will discuss 2 of these: Physical attractiveness is found to be the most highly rated feature in the likelihood of a relationship forming e.g. when a person is asked what feature they would expect from a perfect partner many people will see 'attractive'. In 1966 Walster and Berscheid researched the factors of the forming of relationships with a 'computer dance' experiment. This experiment would be unacceptable by today's standards as the students were lied to for the sake of research. Experimenters rated the students as either, ugly, attractive or average. ...read more.


This is typically a tradition found in the West. In 1972, Murstein did an experiment where he took photographs of engaged or long lasting couples and gave individual pictures of one member of the couple to judges with instructions to rate them on the level of attractiveness out of 5. At the end of the experiment it was found that the couples had similar levels of attractiveness, more so, of what could have happened by chance. Another theory is the sociobiological theory by Darwin. Darwin was a naturalist who was famous for his theories of evolution and natural selection. He claimed that many factors affect whether a member of a certain species can pass on its genes to the next generation, e.g. ...read more.


Sociobiologist's believe that because men can reproduce into later life then they will be attracted to woman who are healthy, attractive and young etc and who will able to bear many children that can pass on their parents successful genes. Women are attracted to men who are strong and will be able to provide for her and the children. There are many problems with Darwin's theory : This theory disregards homosexual relationships and also the fact that heterosexual couples may prefer not having children and that much effort goes into avoiding the likelihood of children being produced when sexual activity takes place. I personal believe that this theory is also flawed because as human beings are a successful species we very rarely worry about climate in our survival or the competition for food and therefore passing on successful genes is not an issue. ...read more.

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