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Discuss the relationship between sexual selection and human reproduction

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´╗┐Discuss the relationship between sexual selection and human reproduction Sexual selection refers to an animal being selected for reproduction due to certain physical characteristics; however these characteristics are purely to attract a mate and are not to aid survival. According to the evolutionary theory humans are pre-programmed to reproduce to increase our inclusive fitness. Therefore when choosing a reproductive partner human?s will seek to ensure successful mating with the aim to produce the fittest off spring possible. It is thought that when selecting a mate human?s like animals may be attracted to certain physical features of the opposite sex. There are differences between what men and women look for. ...read more.


Therefore there main goal is not to increase inclusive fitness but finding a man that will provide enough resources to aid the survival of her and the child. This is often a man with wealth and statues. There is supporting research for the assumption that physical attractiveness (sexual selection) is important in human choice of mate. Studies have shown that those who have symmetrical faces are more likely to attract a mate. Facial symmetry shows health and less chance of genetic defect. Therefore this proves the sexual selection theory correct as it shows that looks are an important factor in choosing the right mate who can produce genetically healthy children will have more chance of survival and therefore increased inclusive fitness. ...read more.


This shows that age is an important factor about successful mating. He also found that men preferred younger women again showing that men seek youthful women. Research conducted by Regan et al found that American university students preferred men with social status rather than sexual desirability. Regan et al also found that men over exaggerated their commitment. This shows that wealth and resources is important in selecting a mate for human reproduction. However one weakness about this approach is that the idea that women look only for men with wealth and status is out of date. Women are more independent and therefore do not look only for a man with status as they no longer need much help in raising their child. This then means that this theory is not applicable to society now. ...read more.

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