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drama portfolio - blue remembered hills

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Maria Jacobsen - Holmes Drama Blue remembered hills is a play Dennis Potter. The title is taken from the poem 'Shropshire lad' by A.E Houseman. It challenges the perception that childhood is innocent and that all children are pure and 'nice'. One of the ways he does this is by using adults to play children so the unrealisticness of the play forces adults to focus on the meaning of everything going on in the play. The main meaning of the play is focused around the mindless cruelty of war and how this affects children living through it. The style of the play is flared narration. The play was originally a television play for the BBC in 1979. it was set in rural west country. For our play we are using bright lights to show that we are outside. We are also going to have some stones and sticks on the floor to play with to help us show the kid's restlessness and constant movement. Could kick them etc. the setting is rural and in 1943 during the 2nd world war, this has affected the children a lot. There is a lot of racist speak about the 'Ities' and the 'Japs'. ...read more.


The humour is greatly contrasted with thee tragedy in all three plays. Donald ends up being killed in a fire by childish banter. Gum and Goo ends with Michelle's death so again the humour contrasts with this. The serious message in my mother said I never should is how the women have been shifted and suppressed by society's pressures and expectation's. In Gum and Goo there is a scene where Greg and Phil are having an almost serious argument as to whether a gorilla and a ford cortina can have sex. This provides a lot of potential for humour, as it's an amusing topic. At first it starts of as childish talk with the kids talking about how Michelle's dad is a gorilla and her mum's a ford cortina. At this point I would have them nudging and laughing and giggling and being generally childish and silly. Then as soon as Phil says 'I bet her ma's a ford cortina' Greg would instantly stop laughing, stand up straight and look at Phil with an expression of utter disgust, he would then say 'don't be stupid,' with a pause so the audience thinks he's going to say something intelligent, he would sneer a bit as if to say 'what's he on about', then he could maybe look at the audience and shake his head with his eyes closed looking at the floor in an exasperated manner. ...read more.


In my mother said I never should, the children's na�vet� leads them to deal with death in an inappropriate way, not realising that it is a real serious issue. 'And we'll get some string, and take mummy down to the railway line where there's a hole in the fence and I think you have to put a stake through her heart'. This is a line said by Jackie whilst they are discussing how to kill their mothers. I would have all the girls slightly huddled up in a circle whilst talking. Jackie would look at them all one by one whilst saying this with a black expression and an almost superior tone of voice. The audience response to blue remembered hills that I would want would be to be amused al the way through but slightly shocked and sad and pensive after watching the play. For Gum and Goo I would want them to be thinking about the oppression and prejudice of mental disorders. For my mother said I never should I would want them to be shocked and slightly moved by the challenged perception of childhood. For all three plays I would want the audience to be shocked and thoughtful, I would want a lot of reflection done after the play so that its moving instead of just entertaining. ...read more.

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