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Evacuation - source related questions and answers

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Bryn Archbold 11J History Coursework 1. Which source us the more useful as evidence about the start of the children evacuation journey? Explain your answer using sources B and C and knowledge from your studies. In this question I have been told to compare sources B & C to explain which source is most useful as evidence about the start of the children's evacuation journey. Source B is useful to myself and the reader as it is a reliable source as it has a date of when it was taken. It also shows me the faces and emotions of the children but this isn't reliable as the children could have been told to smile in the corner of the picture there is a reporter this shows myself and the reader that this was an important day and that to my own knowledge it could have been used to propaganda to persuade the parents to evacuate their own children as well. In the background behind the reporter appears to be mothers standing passionately watching their children walk past for the last time, this is useful as it shows the emotions & feelings of the parent as well as the child. ...read more.


Source D is a very similar with source B as boys are told to smile whilst in the bath together trying to persuade the public that they are enjoying it and making new friends persuading parents to evacuate their children and maybe to also persuade the children to go as well, this photograph was issued by the government and was clearly used for a propaganda use. Source D is similar again but the government has used the most cutest and adorable children to persuade the public yet again in a propaganda use to send their children away but this time the picture is describing how well treated they are being looked after by there host e.g. foster parents. It also has a split image behind the children showing one half of London in a dark and gory image an then the countryside with a light and happy image, this settles the parents conscious as it gives them an image of what they would be sending their children away to. Source D in my own opinion shows a success towards the evacuation of children as it gives you a comparing image towards what the city was like to the country side, but also by ...read more.


It also alicates a birds a eye view on the country side and the city maybe allocating on what the bopmbers are going to hit most and what they actually see from where they are. This is a poster of evacuated children in the country side as you can see they seem happy and having fun this could show a sign of success to the evacuation of children as they are happy and away from any harm by using my own knowledge there could be limitations to this picture as they may have been told to smile. By looking at all of the sources and links mentioned above I come to the conclusion that the interpretation "Evacuation was a great success" is wrong in many ways as down sides of assumption and attitudes given by the country folk and the evacuees wasn't set to a great success as proven above but by using my own knowledge and by looking in to great depth of each source and etc. I agree to the interpretation as the evacuated children were away from danger and survived through the war leading to a success to the government without implicating the down sides but by emphasising the good. ...read more.

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