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Evacuation Sources Questions

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History Coursework Questions. Evacuation Sources Questions Nicky Fincham. 1. What source is most useful, source B or source C? Well, to answer this question I must first analyse both the sources, source B is a picture depicting what seems to be a class of evacuees and their teacher walking down the road, probably to the train station to be evacuated. The picture shows many of the children waving and smiling, and what seems like a lot of them skipping, showing them being happy about being evacuated. Being a photograph, it is quite unlikely that it has been changed in any way, or staged to show the children being happy, as the scene seems quite natural. However it is still possible that it was staged by the government at the time to encourage people not to resist evacuating their children, this would be done by showing the children happy and carefree, not afraid or worried about it. Also the picture was taken at the start of the war, when not many people had been evacuated, at this time the children and their families may not know exactly where they were going, and may have treated it like a holiday, so therefore they probably wouldn't be to afraid about what was happening. ...read more.


were bad mannered and misbehaved, while in source F the person is trying to correct this view to his own views and experiences, so this would also obviously make the accounts different. Also, the interviews were taken a long time after the event, so, even though the people would still have the same views of the event, they may not fully remember the specific details, so they could just be putting in things which they heard to go with their view of the event, making their accounts different again. 4. Source A is a summery of evacuation from a school history textbook. Do you think it gives an accurate interpretation of people's attitudes towards evacuation? I think that source A could be giving an accurate account of what happened, but only in some cases. All the way through the source the author, David Taylor, seems to be quite biased towards all the children being bad mannered, poor and misbehaved, when I know this not to be true in all cases, so in this case the source is to one sided to give a fully accurate interpretation of the situation. ...read more.


Source F is another source which says that the evacuees were not all poor, but this one goes into much more depth, saying that it was also upsetting for a rich kid to be evacuated to a poor host family. Overall I believe that the evacuation was both successful and not successful, it was successful in the way of the numbers of people being evacuated, but however it was not a success with the host families, as many of them were very unhappy with the situation. Also this could be viewed as a success in the long term, i.e. children returning with better health and manners after being in the country, I know this to be the case many times, also due to the problems which the host families faced, many people became more aware of the problems which poor people had, i.e. tier bad health, bad manners and general conditions. In the long term this could then be treated by the government with better living conditions and money for the poor, I know from my own knowledge that this was the case, so in the long term I believe that yes, the evacuation was a "great success". ...read more.

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