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Aaron Sacks 5/22/11 Period 6 Tournament of Champs: Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud's contributions to the field of psychology and to the discoveries of the human mind were extensive. He had the ability to see how people think and was able to look deep in to people's feelings and emotions. A lot of the different theories that Freud created a long time ago are still being used and studied by people who work in psychology, such as therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Freud's psychological discoveries have really aided our society today because they have helped to diagnose people with problems, while also providing those problems with solutions. Without Freud and his in-depth findings many people would be in pain. ...read more.


Although in poverty, the Freud family did everything they could to ensure that Sigmund got a proper education. At the age of nine Freud enrolled at a prestigious high school and ended up being an outstanding student. After high school, in 1873, Freud decided to study medicine at the University of Vienna, and ended up working under great German scientist Ernst Brucke. At the beginning of his medical career, Freud focused mainly on biology, however he later narrowed the topic down to neurology. Through his time at the university Freud started to gain interest in two very influential men, one named Franz Brentano, known for his theory on perception, and one named Theodore Lipps, a promoter of two main topics, empathy and the unconscious mind. ...read more.


In order to gain financial stability for his family, Freud worked as a doctor at the Vienna General Hospital, and a couple of years later Freud started his own private practice, focusing on the treatment of psychological disorders. Through all of his travels, acquaintances, and extensive research, Freud was able to come up with many different conclusions and theories. Freud invented the term psychoanalysis, he invented the Id, Ego, and Superego, and he invented the eight different defense mechanisms. Freud made discoveries about the conscious and unconscious mind, about life and death instincts, and about psychosexual development. Freud's outlook on the human mind and his input on human behavior are very important for people to understand these days. In addition, although what Freud said and did was from long ago, it was what he discovered so long ago that helps people in the present day. ...read more.

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