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How does Emlyn Williams create a sense of place and historic period in 'The Corn is Green'?

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How does Emlyn Williams create a sense of place and historic period in 'The Corn is Green'? "The Corn is Green" is a Welsh play which is set in a small welsh village in 1890. The play gives us an understanding of what life was like and how important it was to fit into your surroundings. The play is set in Wales and anyone who was reading it would be able to tell this by the use of welsh language and welsh phrases used throughout the play not only by Mr Jones but, also Morgan and his fellow classmates. The names Jones and Morgan are a good indication that the play is set in Wales. The play is about a typical welsh household which is disturbed by the sudden arrival of Miss Moffat who has intentions of setting up a school and educate all the children working in the mines with the help of Mr Jones and Mrs Rombery. Miss Moffat takes great interest in Morgan and wants to push him all the way to Oxford University. The play is based on Emlyn Williams' own experience when he was a child. He was destined to work in the mines so we can therefore conclude that his childhood is very closely linked with Morgans character in the play. ...read more.


"I will pay their families the few pennies they get from working in the mines" This shows how little the children got from working in the mines if Miss Moffat could afford to pay all the children's families in the village to get the children to come to school and get an education. Starting a school may sound easy but in 1890 people considered children and education as unimportant and few people would want to teach children "I couldn't teach those children they smell" "Start a school, for what?" From this we can see a typical villagers attitude towards children. Now children are one of the main priorities for the government so we can see from this that it is written more than one hundred years ago. Although few people went to school some did get degrees but, whereas Miss Moffat worked for her degree and went to university, rich families like the Squire in this play bought them "Do you mean the degree my father bought me?" This is a big indication to what time period the play is set in, now people have to work for success but in 1890 rich families would have had a much easier life. ...read more.


Now if this happened it would be considered acceptable. Miss Moffat saves Morgan by adopting the baby so he can go to Oxford instead of marring Bessie. Bessie can also go off and marry another man. In conclusion we can see from this play many aspects of life including education and the way in which women and children are treated, are very different from the world we live in today. Emlyn Williams creates this sense of historic period in many ways, the main places being peoples attitude to education and children and how Miss Moffat is treated when she first arrives. The amount of welsh language in the play is one of the main ways in which Emlyn Williams creates a sense of place. The difference in how children were treated now and then is immense. In 1890 children were not considered important so it is clear that it is not set in a recent date as now children are treated with the same respect as adults. Another main way in which we as readers can tell when the play was written is the attitudes to education. Few people went to school and rich people were able to buy academic achievements, now this would not happen. Although fitting in is still an aspect of life now, social class in the 1890 was very important and this is shown throughout the play. Sinead Morgan ...read more.

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