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How does the style of the articles by Sarah Cassidy contrast with the other two articles on the same subject?

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How does the style of the articles by Sarah Cassidy contrast with the other two articles on the same subject? The style of headline in which the 'Daily Mail' contains is very effective as the big bold figures are shocking and provoke anger because it shows that prisoners who are 'served up a meal' are being treated better then children who 'get lunch'. It also uses alliteration to make the drastic title stick in readers' minds. This is similar to the style that the 'Independent' uses, it is very direct which would have the effect of worry and rage using such language as 'cheap muck'. It is inviting as many people would react to this blunt statement that in this case has been associated with children but also the word 'muck' is also used as a term for pig's food any person recognising this would be concerned. This contrasts with the 'Guardian' which rather than anger provoking it is more thought provoking and intriguing as you would not initially think the children would 'cry' out for their greens. ...read more.


It bluntly relates to the figures that are spent on children's food and criminals' as hell: 'paints a damning picture of 'muck off a truck'. This creates strong imagery to anger and rhyming to get the point across so it sticks. The Independent is conveying the same sort of opinion that like the Daily Mail the food given is 'dematerialised fish, mechanically recovered meat and poor-quality produce'. It also mentions the same point that it is related to children's obesity increase and that 'good eating habits reduce disease in later life'. Again this means that the food given affects health and weight just like the Daily Mail pointed out. The aim of the information given is to evoke great concern in people and arouses this problem to show how desperate solutions are needed. However, the Guardian gives the opinion that it is a problem but there are ways to overcome it giving an example of schools who have done so by changing and 'distributing menus' where children have got involved by calculating costs in maths lessons therefore there is a contrast with this article because it puts across a positive view whereas the other two portray the negative sides of the situation. ...read more.


It not only educates readers about the problem but gives hope that there are things that can change, e.g. 'organic sponge and custard pudding'. This is reassurance to readers as they give credit to themselves by professional organisations: 'Food For Life Project'. Vivianne Bull's point is important because she states that better quality food will cost parents more money and in order for the children to start eating healthy parents have got to set an example as many parents eat low quality or fast food themselves. This shows when she says: 'Unless we as adults change, how can we force children to change?' She is bringing up the fact that it is not just schools feeding children bad food but it is everyone eating bad food bringing in a wider perspective. All three articles are similar in the audience they are aiming to write to which is adults especially parent of a primary age as these would be the people most concerned for their own children and would have more of an impact seeing innocent children eating such unhealthy food. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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