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I was being chased again

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I was being chased again, but this time the murky figure, yet to rear his ugly face, has a weapon. A sharpened blade. Every night he chases me, but somehow I have been out-running him for 15 years. I have never met him, in fact, I'm not even sure it is a man. However, I will still refer to the elusive "Blade-runner" as a man. As the low level fog descends upon my earthly soul, I have the intense sensation of mortality. Each part of my body is engulfed with fear and choked with anxiety, the already full-flowing adrenaline increases in its potency and spirals out of control to the inevitable crescendo of fear, shock and relief. The cold sweat, which continually soaks my forehead, only adds to the never-ending list of problems. I know he is chasing me and I know he will not stop until he catches me. But the question is, "Why? ...read more.


Being left in the dark, hearing the deadly precise steps that not only unnerve, but freeze you where you stand. He cannot be more than 20 metres away. As our eyes meet, his show the burning desire of retribution and contempt, but where do I fit in? The pace of his footsteps increases, as I wish mine would, but still locked onto his gaze I feel paralysed. The ability to walk, let alone run, was swiftly taken away by my fear. However hard I try, I cannot not move. He breaks into a sprint. Every second, he gets closer and closer. I am mentally exhausted and just willing myself to move. I muster all my strength in a last attempt at escape. He cannot be more than 10 metres away. My legs are starting to move, but not at the pace I want. He is still chasing me, but this is wrong, very wrong. I have passed the withered old tree without waking up. ...read more.


I swing round to see him slumped on the ground, lying next to his knife. Blood spills from his many wounds. I am still shaking as the other officer puts a blanket round me. My eyes flash open to see my mother putting a blanket over me. She smiles and says, "You were shaking, dear. I thought you were cold". As she turns the radio on and leaves the room, my ears pricked up to hear . . . "News just in - a convict from Wormwood Scrubbs who has been on the run for 15 years was shot dead in the early hours of this morning when neighbours alerted the police to a man wielding a knife, chasing a teenage boy. Chief Superintendent John Redford reported, 'It has taken 15 years to catch this man. His time has now run out. Once again, we can sleep without fear in our beds.'" Upon hearing this, instead of getting ready for school, I switch off the radio, roll over, and go back to sleep. Robert Clements - 11J Page 1 "I have a Nightmare". Robert A. Clements ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Physiological Psychology section.

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