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In this proposal I will write about a certain client group in a social context and will describe one Art and one Drama activity and their predicted length.

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Introduction In this proposal I will write about a certain client group in a social context and will describe one Art and one Drama activity and their predicted length. Following this, I will discuss the relevance of these activities and then I will relate the activities to the target client group. Furthermore I will consider the function of Drama and Art as a method for working with young people. Client Group Between the ages of 15 to 19, I was a cubs and scouts leader and I have chosen to use the scouts as my client group for this proposal. The children who came together as scouts were 12 to 16 years of age. These children all came from different backgrounds. My scouts group was a mixed group, so girls and boys would come together and there were a total of 10 members. Social Context The scouts, my colleagues and I would get together every Saturday afternoon between 14:00 and 17:00 in our own wooden Scouts hut. This hut was and of course still is situated in a woodlands area in Bussum-Zuid, a small town in the Netherlands. Drama Activity As Drama activity I have chosen 'Stars in their Eyes'. We used to do a 'Stars in their Eyes' show once a year, usually close to summertime as we then could rely on the nice weather. In the Netherlands we call this show the 'Playback Show' as it is mimicking a song of your favourite music artist. ...read more.


Art Activity For the art activity I have chosen to let the children make a lantern. The materials used to make these lanterns would be wooden sticks, a ball of hemp string, empty glass wine bottles, and a box of dinner candles and play dough. We would also need a bucket of cold water, scissors and a box of matches or a lighter. I would have prepared a lantern myself before the sessions, so I could show them every step to take to get to the end result. To start this activity, you would take an empty wine bottle and cut off a piece of hemp string. Tie this piece of string round the glass bottle about 4 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Then you take your matches or lighter to the string and light the string till the string is on fire. When the entire string is lit, place the bottom of the glass bottle including the string in to the bucket of cold water. The difference in heat will break the bottom of the bottle, where you had tied the string round it. It is possible that the edges of the bottle, where it was broken, are sharp, so this is where the play dough comes in handy. Place a piece of play dough on the edges, so there is no possible way anyone could get hurt on the sharp edges of the bottle. ...read more.


Dwivedi, K.N. (1993), page 170 "Art therapy is now an established profession and is gaining recognition of its importance in working with children. A lot of children have difficulty in articulating their feelings verbally, thoughts and concerns, as their command of language might not be as sophisticated as that of an adult. Using images in Art offers a non-verbal 'language' for those children whose difficult behaviour might be an indication of some distress or unhappiness." Dvivedi, K.N. (1993) page 136, It seems to me that working in this field with young people is challenging, occasionally terrifying and very rewarding. In setting up a creative climate which encourages young people to gain insights and begin to come to terms with the frustrations and pain of living, there is a built-in bonus that the leader also is exposed to those same opportunities for developing self-awareness. Art and Drama is not something that the leader gives the group; it is the shared outcome of people working seriously and playfully together. Dwivedi, K.N. (1993), page 181 I definitely see Art in the future as being used more and more to help young people develop, but also using Art as a method of helping them get through what they are going through at that moment and what they will have to deal with in the future. When having read more about what others feel about Drama and Art as methods for working with young people, I feel that there are only positive things that come from it. I hope I will be able to use Drama and Art in my future profession as a Social Worker in Residential Child Care. ...read more.

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