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Investigate the effects of age on body perception, by asking teenage girls and women over forty

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Results Tally Chart for Results Body perception Similar Different Total Below 35 years of age 7 32 39 Above 35 years of age 15 23 38 Total 22 55 77 Similar- All three indicated marks must be within two points on the chart. Table For The Chi Square Test BP S D T BP S D T A.35.Y.O.A 7 32 39 B.35.Y.O.A 15 23 38 T 22 55 77 A, B, C and D are called cells. After analyzing my research the results the x[CS1] value worked out to be 4.38. The x value was above the critical level there for my hypothesis can be accepted. ...read more.


and probable have less time to read as many as a teenage girl does. The biological explanation of anorexia nervous suggests that, abnormal levels of noradrenaline in anorexics (Fava et al, 1989), this corroborates the theory that the hypothalamus may contribute towards eating disorders (Keesey and Corbett 1983). These two theories could explain why teenage girl tend to suffer from anorexia more often than women of a more mature age. Teenagers go through a lot of changes, hormones play a large part of these changes, there for hormone imbalances are likely and often do happen weather it results in physical or psychological abnormalities. Factors that could affect my results include demand characteristics. ...read more.


Abstract I aim to investigate the effects of age on body perception, by asking teenage girls and women over forty to fill in a chart. The chart ranges from skeleton thin to medically obese. They then show what they believe to be their ideal, current and most desirable to the opposite sex. Correctional research and unrelated design will serve my investigation best. My results were above critical therefore the more mature a woman is the more at ease she is with her body. In further research I would like to investigate weather age has the same effect on male body perception. Table of Contents 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Aims 4. Hypothesis 5. Method 6. Results 7. Discussion 8. References 9. ...read more.

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