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Literature review - Research Papers into the psychology of athletes

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Alternative Research Credit Assignment Mark H. Anshel and Toto Sutarso. (2007). Psychology of Sport and Exercise Relationships between sources of acute stress and athletes' coping style in competitive sport as a function of gender. Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 1-24 The participants in this study were former athletes or current competitors for their college sports team. There were 176 males and 156 females ranging in age from 18 to 23 years old with an average age of 21.6. These athletes were undergraduates from a university located in the southeast United States, and had majors in health and physical education. One most important criteria for participates in the experiment was that each individual had be competing on his or her college sports team, not just participating in recreational sport. The criterion of this study does not include the skill level for the athletes. The participants in this experiment had to go through a procedure with two different parts. For the first part, the athletes were asked to record their perceived stress level or common source of acute stress. In the second part athletes were asked how they cope with their two most acute forms of stress. The athletes were administered the experiment before a practice session. ...read more.


"At the beginning and end of their competitive seasons, athletes indicated who the task, social, and external leaders were on their respective teams and responded to four dimensions of the Athlete Satisfaction Questionnaire." A meeting was arranged with the athletes, where the experiment was explained and consent was obtained. Over the duration of a competitive season there were two data recording periods; early and late season. Data collection was administered before or after a practice session at the teams' practice facility. "Participants were ensured their participation was voluntary, confidential, and that they may have access to the general results upon conclusion of the study." "The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between the perceived number of athlete leaders present on a sport team across three types of leadership functions and satisfaction at the beginning and end of a competitive season." Also, to understand what it takes mentally to be a leader on the field. This was examined by three criteria the task the athletes were performing, how they interacted with the other players and how they showed their leadership on the field. There was no specific hypothesis was offered in this journal. ...read more.


For some athletes this to be a welcome change from the fast paced competition circuit but for most it becomes a very quiet and lonely time. These results can be applied to all retired athletes. Maybe the sports teams could have a few retirement counseling sessions to help the athletes mentally prepare for the life stage they are about to go through. I feel this was a good study, however since it was voluntary response only people with strong opinions would respond. This creates a huge flaw because all the other athletes who did not respond maybe are out living a great life and have better things to do then sit and fill out a questionnaire. The ones who are unhappy with their current state have plenty of time to sit and reflect which would only make them have lower self esteem. My limited experience with this is when I badly injured my knee and had to sit out the season. I became extremely sad watching my teammates out on the field and not being able to be a part of that. I never felt so alone in my whole life. I can only imagine what it would be like to live a good part of your life in the spot light and have that taken away where no one remembers you. ...read more.

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