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Optimistic and energetic, Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated was a great businessman.

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Optimistic and energetic, Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated was a great businessman. He was born in Kingfish, Oklahoma on March 29, 1918. He was raised in Missouri where he worked in his father's store while attending school. Sam was a multimillionaire, but by working hard he achieved his dreams. He opened the first Wal-Mart store in 1962 in Arkansas. Managing business during that time was hard, but he was fortunate, his Wal-Mart store was successful and the Wal-Mart chain started to grow. It was the beginning of an American success story that no one could have predicted. Walton was a great entrepreneur and he knew consumers would flock to a discount store with a wide array of merchandise and friendly service. His vision was to become the low price leader in small, rural towns. His experience as a Ben Franklin store manager in rural a community led him to realize that in 1960 small towns isolated themselves from national market. Sam acknowledged that all he had to do was beat the prices of the local retailers to be successful. ...read more.


If you were traveling you had usually (stay in hotel) pulled in to a motel. People that had a good amount of money would get the big rooms and the smaller ones usually were rented to the middle class people. The big hotel rooms usually contained a bar, television, bed, bathroom and sometimes a balcony. Two of the top hotels were located in Las Vegas and California because they had a lot of tourist attractions. Motels were found more often than hotels because they were cheaper and not as fancy. The motel rooms were usually run down and dirty. The motel rooms usually contained a bed, a television and bathroom. Most of the lower class people stayed it the motels because they couldn't afford the hotel rooms. By the late 1960's technology was slowly becoming easier to understand for the younger generation. In the 1970's people discovered there was more efficient technology, therefore the government could produce more money. Most of the hotels and motels were bigger and better then they were in the early 1960's because the technology was better and there was more money. ...read more.


Thanks to this meeting, they incorporated a national association of emergency physicians called American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Throughout the years more associations and programs began to develop. After all Sam Walton lived during trying times. He cared about his community thus providing them with opportunities. He once said "we are all working together; that is the secret, and we will lower the cost of living for everyone, not just in America, but we will give the world an opportunity to see what it is like to save and have a better lifestyle. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we have just begun". I can say Sam Walton deserves all due respect for his great accomplishments. It can definitely be declared that Walton was a great entrepreneur in business. He was not only able to use his talent to search out and take advantage of new business opportunities, but was also able to develop innovative ways of doing many things in a way that had never been used before. By using his imagination, aggressiveness, and hard work, Walton gave birth to a great industry and all the benefits that would follow, not only financially, but also emotionally. ...read more.

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