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Psychology, personality & teamwork

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Psychology for Sports Performance The definition of personality is something that represents those characteristics of the person that account for consistent patterns of behaviour. Also it is an overall pattern of psychological characteristics that makes each person a unique individual. Also with personality there are key characteristics. The four key characteristics are extrovert, introvert, stable and neurotic. The first one extrovert is simply a person who seeks social situations and likes excitement. However when it comes to a long sport there is a lack of concentration. The second characteristic is introvert. This is the opposite of an extrovert person. This is a person who doesn't seek social situations, likes peace and quiet and is also very good at concentrating. When looking at the characteristic stable this is were a person does not swing from one emotion to the other. The final characteristic is neurotic; it is certainly not the least though. This is a person who is highly anxious and has unpredictable emotions just like the famous footballer Roy Keane. Part One I am going to do three performers from contrasting sports and put personality characteristics in about them. The first performer I will do is from the sport of cricket and it is Ricky Ponting I am choosing him because ...read more.


Comparing two sports performers I am now going to compare two of the performers I have mentioned. The two I will compare are Asafa Powell and Ricky Ponting. I will compare them by using the key characteristics of personality and show how they differ from each other. There are two types of states for personality they are type A and type B. Type A applies to individuals that are impatient and lack tolerance towards others. They also have high levels of personal anxiety. Type B people are far more relaxed and are more tolerant towards others. They have much lower personal anxiety. This is the start of were the two performers differ, Powell is relaxed performer and is opened minded towards his own times and performance along with his coach. On the other hand Ponting has his own views and sticks to them what ever the circumstance, he does not like to stand around in matches and let things happen he wants to make things happen that's why his patience is short. The key characteristics are what I have mentioned earlier on. When looking at Powell he is very much an introvert this is because he likes his own space and likes to take time analysing his performance and likes to stay well clear of any media attention. ...read more.


With cricket people may think it is not a team game because people do things individual whether that be when they are bowling, batting or fielding but that is far from the truth. When bowlers deliver a bad delivery they getting mad with them but also for letting the team down so that's why the team ethic is always encouraging and praising bowlers so that they know that the team mates are behind them and that will keep there confidence up. It is the same with batting and fielding team mates will just say forget about it and think about the next delivery or next time the ball comes to you. However in cricket some individuals are trying harder than others this can do with motivation so that will cause the team to not reach there potential. With both sports I have mentioned social loafing occurs. This is basically players who lack motivation, they do not try there hardest to achieve because they are scared of failure. These players can get away with doing very little because no one will challenge them. This is not necessarily down to laziness; often the player does not want to let the team down, or feels unable to make any useful contribution to the team. ?? ?? ?? ?? Steven Snape Kevin Osgood 1 ...read more.

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