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Source based Evacuation Coursework.

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Evacuation Coursework Question One Although the photocopy of Source B (the 1939 photograph) is unclear, I get the impression that the children are happy by their smiling bright faces. The strongest theme in the picture is that the children have been told to look happy, which is why I believe that this picture is a genuine article of propaganda of the time. This is what has led me to believe that the photographer has Government links. The picture is very professional and does not look the type that a parent would have taken as a part of the memory. The children's behaviour reminds me of children that are going on a day trip. The line is calm and orderly and their faces tell the story that they know the consequences if they were to be unruly. The photo is a good example of propaganda of the time, as it is of the sort that would encourage parents to evacuate. Through this photo evacuation looks like one big holiday and would look appealing to the children as well. ...read more.


But there is such a contrast between Source B and Source C that one has to be wrong. After analysing both sources I have come to the conclusion that both are useful. Although Source B (the 1939 photograph) has some unreliability on the stage management front, there would have been some children that really did behave like they were going on a school trip, as they didn't understand the seriousness of what was going on. There would also be children that, when they saw a camera, would smile and wave to it, Source C is also useful because she was a teacher of the time so she was obviously older and memories stay with you longer. The extract is a very serious one, as where it says, "All you could hear was... too afraid to talk." Both sources have their limitations, which I have listed above. So, for the reasons stated, I think that, used together, both sources would be very useful, but Source C is the most reliable. Question Two Source G is an extract from a novel, a source of entertainment. ...read more.


This could be very upsetting for some evacuees, as Source F shows. Question Three After my studies on evacuation, I have now to draw upon a conclusion on whether, in my view, evacuation was a great success. In my view, I think that in some ways evacuation was a success but in other ways evacuation was a great success. The Government was expecting heavy bombing on Britain's larger industrial centres, such as London and Manchester. Therefore, the Government decided it would be safer to evacuate people from these centres to the countryside. To do this, they drew up a plan of Britain and it was divided into three zones: Evacuation areas: Where heavy bombing was expected Reception Areas: Mostly countryside areas that was safe from bombing. The evacuees would move here and stay with local families. Neutral Areas: These places may experience light bombing. Nobody would be evacuated to of from these areas. But once the evacuees had reached the reception areas there were many problems. Quite often things were not very well organised. Villages that were expecting young children received thousand of pregnant women and this did not go down well with the residents of the houses. ...read more.

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