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Stephen King's "It" review

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STEPHEN KING'S BEST SELLER, IT Another long book of Stephen Kings', and widely acclaimed as one of King's best. The book is set in two time periods - one in 1958, and one in 1985. Both time frames have the same main characters - 7 children/adults and IT. Also, the book is set in Derry (Maine), for most of both periods. Derry has a bleak history - its murder rate is higher than it should be. The children meet up in the summer of '58, forming the Loser's Club. A wave of freak murders hits Derry, and each of the children has a supernatural encounter with what turns out to be the killer - IT. ...read more.


They learn that IT has been in Derry for millions of years, and is non existent but only to adults. In one confrontation at one of the child's house, IT is injured by a silver ball fired at him with a catapult, and it swipes at one of the children with a claw and gashes him. IT retreats back to its lair in the sewers. There are these bullys that chase the children into the sewers one afternoon, and whilst the children try to find IT to kill it, they follow, only to be chased in turn by IT. One of them is killed by IT, and one boy has driven totally insane by the sight of IT. ...read more.


The other six don't remember much about it at all - although one of them remembers enough to decide that suicide is better than going back to Derry. The other five, however, do make it as far as Derry, and gradually start to remember more and more, with flash backs of when they where young. The six meet for dinner, and some decide they can't face the idea of facing IT again. I think that you should read this best selling novel because I have read it and I love it, so much that I read it a second time, there is also a movie about it and the movie it also very good. A #1 New York Times bestseller... "A LANDMARK." (Chicago Sun-Times) "THE HORROR MASTER'S BEST." (People) "A SCARE-FEST." (The Philadelphia Inquirer) "A GHOUL'S DELIGHT." (Kansas City Star) ...read more.

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