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Stress, outline one technique to measure stress.Evaluate the difficulties in measuring stress.

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a) outline one technique to measure stress. (6) One technique used to measure stress is the social readjustment rating scale. The scale lists a number of life events which can be used to used to estimate the likelihood of a stress related illness. The social readjustment rating scale has forty two life events which range from the death of a spouse to more minor events such as a change in eating habit. Each life event is given a value from one to one hundred based on the amount of stress it is likely to cause. A divorce for example is given a high value of seventy three wheras a change in sleeping habits is given a lesser value of fifteen. The person in question then identifies all the events that have occurred in the last twelve months noing the rating each is given. ...read more.


This proves to be a difficulty in measuring stress because the reasons for stress could be incredibly vast however in Kobasa's study on hardiness for example we see just three "C's" taken into consideration (control, commitment, challenge). Kobasa suggests that these are the reasons for people getting ill when stressed however the reasons could extend beyond this with factors such as family life having a significant influence for example. However the reductionist approach allows a very complex area of psychology to be studied at a simpler level and allows for the isolation of ky factors which may be useful when looking at research. Measuring a persons stress level is often conducted through the use of a questionnaire, direct questions or self report (the social readjustment scale for example). ...read more.


Ethics is the term given to guidlines which must be taken into account when conducting research with the aim of maintaining the wellbeing of participants. If for example the researcher is looking at the causes for a persons stress a participant may have to talk about emoitional events such as the deth of the spouse. This may cause upset to the participant and so could be seen to go against ethical guidlines which explicitly express the importance of a participants well being. The breaking of ethical guidlines is however often seen as crucial if a study is to truly investigate and measure a persons level of stress. If the researcher acknowledged that raising issues such as death may provoke upset and consequently did not broach the this topic when attempting to measure stress it is likely that the measure would be a lot less accurate. ...read more.

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